How To Build Your Pinterest Community

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that Pinterest is a “Social” Networking Site. Many people forget that the strength in these types of sites is in actually being social. On Pinterest this is fun and easy to do, and there are several ways to do it.

build followersOne way to build followers is by following others first. When you are on the main Pinterest page and logged into your account, you’ll notice that Pinterest recommends “Friends to Follow” on the left hand side. These are recommendations based on people that you are already connected to through Facebook or Twitter.

If you click the red “Follow” button you will begin following all of their boards. Alternatively, you can also click  on  their  name  and  select  specific  boards  to follow.

You’ll also notice that Pinterest displays “Recent Activity”. This will show you people who have recently begun following your boards, so that you can follow them in return.

Another method for  building your followers is  to  search  for  pins via category  or keyword, and then follow the boards or pinners that interest you.

To search by keyword, type your keyword(s) into the search bar in the upper left hand corner. To search by category, click on “Categories” and select your category from the drop down list.

At the bottom of the pin the pinner’s name will appear as a clickable link. Click on it to be taken to their Pinterest profile, where you can either choose to follow all their boards, or select specific boards.

Another method for gaining followers on Pinterest is to simply share news of your new Pinterest account through your other social media networks. Let your tweeps know – share it with your Facebook friends – blast it on LinkedIn – wherever you have a presence, let it be known that you’ve expanded your social media reach to include Pinterest.

follow the boards

With Pinterest’s wide spread adoption, you’ll notice that your social media circles will quickly start to overlap.

An important consideration, especially when using Pinterest as a business building tool, is to build a community of like-minded and niche-specific folks. A great way to do this is by identifying people or brands on Pinterest who are in your same niche, and then following their boards, repinning their pins and engaging in conversation with them.

Each time they post a pin, it will appear on your main Pinterest feed. Below the pin you’ll be able to see everyone who has repinned, liked or commented on their pins. This is very helpful because you can then follow those pinners, which will help you to quickly grow a very targeted, niche-specific audience.

Along those same lines, you can also “like” and “add comments” to niche-specific pins. When you do, the original pinner will see that you commented on his/her pins and will likely engage in a return conversation with you. When other pinners see this dialogue taking place, you begin to gain authority through influence and your Pinterest network expands.

Building a wide-spread following on Pinterest is easy to do. Simply spend 30 – 60 minutes per week following the suggestions above and you’ll quickly create a thriving Pinterest community.

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