All Pins Are Not Created Equal

Have you ever noticed how some images just “POP” while others get lost on the page? All images are not created equal, which is why crafting an attention-getting image is such an important component of your Pinterest marketing.

Take these two pins as examples. Both of these pins are for sponsored contests. As you can see, the one on the left has a nice, bright image that pops, and a clear call-to-action to “click here to enter”. The pin  below  is  blurry, skewed and  hard to read. Can you even tell what the bottom contest is about? Me neither!

As you can see, simply pinning is not enough. You must pin attention-grabbing images that get results. Follow these guidelines to craft great images of your own:

  1. Use sharp, bright pictures that will stand out among other pins.
  2. Add a CTA in stand-out fonts in the pin itself, not just in the description.
  3. Include your URL at the bottom of your pin in case the link gets changed.
  4. Incorporate hashtags, as well as your keywords, as outlined in chapter 9.
  5. Make sure your image is a maximum of 600 pixels wide. Images wider than this will result in the image being skewed, as is the case with the pin above. There is no limit for the length, however pins greater than 5,000 pixels long will be difficult to read. (This is seen a lot with infographics)

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