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The Best Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads In 2018

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    Get leads now! Check out the top real estate lead generation strategies that are getting agents just like you real results today!

    Cold calling not cutting it? Tired of knocking on doors at dinner time? Maybe it’s time to up your real estate leads generation game! To get you started, we’ve rounded up the top lead gen strategies that are getting agents just like you more leads. Right Now.

    Before we get started, let’s get one thing straight. This isn’t a blog all about putting cold-calling, door knocking, or other strategies like direct mail to shame. Each of these still have a place, but they can be so hit or miss. And, let’s be honest, how many of you actually like to call up cold leads? Or knocking on neighbor’s doors? Or spending money on postage?

    Especially when you can reach the same prospects through Facebook ad targeting — a tactic that will save you a ton of time and ultimately lead to you finding qualified real estate leads who actually want to talk to you.

    Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though…

    What we’re going to do is break down the top lead generation strategies that you should be using today to get leads. The catch? You’ve got to commit to these tactics 100% and take action on them until you get results.

    Spoiler alert: cold calling isn’t one of them.

    Let’s jump in!

    If you just want to get to it, download this guide to take action now. Using niche SEO campaigns, Google Adwords, and Facebook you can cover more ground in less time! A lot more ground, a lot more real estate leads incoming!!

    Otherwise, keep going for an introduction to using these real estate lead generation tactics to the max.

    First up…

    The Facebook Funnel

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    So, you know how to setup an ad, but what good is it if you don’t know who to target? Like cold calling, broad audiences will only get you so far. You’ll spend a lot of money and even more time trying to find solid leads. Without proven strategies, there are no guarantees and you’re stuck with trial and error testing until you figure out what works for you.

    Ain’t no agent got time for that!

    The solution? You need to find your niche. Or at least a niche audience.

    We all have a past and hobbies! Everyone has worked some past job before starting in real estate or has something that they’re super passionate about in their spare time.

    These often times create nice starting points for finding a deeper niche.

    Or, you can just focus on buyers and sellers who truly need your help.

    Did you know that 61% of divorced couples end up listing their home? This percentage may vary from city to city and town to town, but you can be sure that your area is rolled up in this statistic. So, who’s going to be their listing agent? It should be you.

    Bonus: What You’re Forgetting

    Even if you are already using Facebook for real estate lead generation, what are you linking your ads to? Your homepage? A blog? More importantly, how is that helping you convert online leads to offline sales?

    You need to link it to a landing page.

    The two pages we recommend are a Seller Guide (focused on how to get the maximum value from their home in the least amount of time)(which happens to showcase you as a great candidate to be their helpful & professional agent!!) and a Buyer Lead “Cheatsheet” Landing Page.

    Have you made these pages yet?

    If so, great!

    If not and your Facebook ads aren’t converting, this may be why.

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    Once you’ve got these pages up, make more. In fact, each of your Facebook ads should link back to a custom landing page that specifically supports that content. Why is this? It’s simple. Imagine that each landing page is a door way to your site. Lots of folks expect their site’s homepage to do way too much work. This needs to

    Dominate A Farm Area – Old School Real Estate Lead Generation on the Web

    If you’re not quite ready to target more niche lead types, you can still set up pages that specifically address the locations you’re doing your real estate farming in. Once you master a certain neighborhood, you can continue to expand your reach and move onto different areas.

    But how?

    Get Real Estate Leads Through Blogging

    While we’ve covered real estate blogging extensively in other posts, it bears mentioning here. It is the next step for large-scale farming.

    Consider just this one opportunity for exposure – local Facebook groups that don’t allow promotion? Make posts about local attractions and share them as ‘community service.’ These can be everything from local Christmas light display maps, to best things to do in this season, to best places to eat with kids in an area. Once you get started, the ideas go on and on.

    Mailing FSBOs – They’ll Be Begging After This

    Mailing FSBOs can be easier than cold calling and it’s probably already part of your real estate lead generation plan. But does the plan end there? If it does, you’re wasting your time. Because 65% of businesses have no follow up system in place when it comes to strategies like this.

    So, here’s how to win them over…

    You need to establish a solid follow up system and never falter from it. How is this possible though? Of course you want to be able to instantly engage clients 24/7, but that’s not realistic. You’ve got a life to live. But you can still make this happen.

    On average it takes between 5-12 points of exposure/contact before someone is interested in doing business with you.

    Mailing FSBOs is a great point of contact to make, not to mention it’s incredibly low-cost!

    Then What?

    After you mail them, it’s time to initiate the next touch. And that is going to come through an automated text message.

    Take Action Now To Get Real Estate Leads Today

    These are just a few of the real estate lead generation strategies agents are using to dominate their area today. For a more indepth look at each, plus even more time-tested tactics to help you win qualified leads, pick up this guides below and take a peek at the rest of the agent guides we have available!



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