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Increasing Foot Traffic with Text Message Discount Vouchers

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      Business a little bit slow? Well, you can use the power of text message marketing to give it a lovely little boost. All you need to do is send out a text message to your mobile list subscribers with a discount and many of them will jump on your offers.

      Let’s say you operate a pizzeria. You are not as busy as you would hope one day and want to get more people through your doors during dinner hours. You could text out a 20% off discount on all orders (or perhaps buy one get one free on a pizza). If your marketing list is strong enough, you are likely to see a nice amount of traffic coming in to take you up on that offer.

      These customers are ones that you would not have seen otherwise. Sure, you will be giving a discount on your pizzas, but you will also be making extra money that would not have come in if you did not send out that text message.

      Discount coupons can work for just about any industry. For example, if you are a mechanic, you could send out an offer for a discount on oil changes. If you are a hair salon, you could send out an offer for a discount on your coloring services. You have plenty of options at your disposal; with a little creativity, the options are limitless.

      Be sure to send your text messages out at the right time, which depends on the nature of your business. You should also place a “limited-time” for redemption on your offers in order to increase scarcity, yet give people a decent length of time to redeem it.

      Remember; it is important that you do not send out text messages too often to your list. While it may seem like a good idea to send out a text all of the time just to get people through the door, sending too many text messages will simply turn people off and make them unsubscribe.

      When done right, text message marketing can be a very powerful tool for your local business. Consumers love to save money with businesses that offer great products and services they enjoy.

      In fact, studies have shown that text offers receive up to 10 times the redemption rates of traditional offers. As you can see, combining the power of “mobile” with “coupons,” can really work wonders for your bottom line.

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