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Warning: DO NOT Get This Guide Unless You Want More Leads Than You Can Handle

Discover The Method For Quickly and Easily Generating Leads That Has Been Kept Hidden From Real Estate Agents and Brokers… Until Now

How many weeks or months (or years) have you been trying to generate leads?

How much money have you actually made from all that time and effort?

Or more accurately, how much money have you lost?

Is your lack of knowledge about leads making your business more difficult than it has to be?

Here’s How Everything Is Going To Change For You!

Early this year, a large west coast real estate brokerage, emailed me a mailing list substantially larger than what they usually provide.

A month later, the list was more than double the size, another month later it was even bigger, to the point where I thought they were going to have every person looking to sell their home in California on it.

Well, maybe not that big, but this sucker was getting huge at a very fast rate.

So me, the curious direct marketer, gets “Dark Agent” the head of their marketing on the phone and asks him what the heck they’re doing to get so many leads.

The answer shocked me.

Not just because of the clever method, but because it was something even a struggling agent could start taking advantage of immediately.

And as I kept thinking about it, this extremely simple concept on the surface started revealing how complex and versatile it is under the skin.

What at first seems so simple to implement, actually requires some know-how to get started, that nearly all agents will lack–yet nearly all marketers can do easily.

That means YOU my friend, will hold a tremendous amount of power at your fingertips.

The ability to generate leads, specifically listing leads for real estate agents and home improvement leads for remodelers, is something you will ALWAYS find a need for.

The value of these leads can easily climb into the hundreds each, and I’ll show you how to generate them for peanuts, and even get them qualified (and some converted to actual appointments) — on autopilot.

Whether you choose to generate these for your own business, sell packages of leads on a monthly contract, or even just offer the solution via consulting you’re in tip-top shape with this method.

This is not pie-in-the-sky theory

It’s completely refined, proven, and currently in use by a brokerage that’s using it to break into new territory and dominate them by this method ALONE.

Even in a highly competitive market they’re literally capturing seller leads daily, qualifying them in the process, and converting a percentage to appointments without hardly lifting a finger.

Introducing Lead Funnel Commando

Lead Funnel Commando offers real estate agents and brokers a step by step guide to successful real estate internet marketing. It shows step by step how to set up their own lead generating website, how to drive free targeted traffic to it and how to turn traffic into leads.

It’s so easy getting leads with this method, you will bang yourself in the head and go duh. You can easily generate qualified and quality leads using this method and it will only cost you as low as $0.10 per lead.

Customer Testimonial

Thanks for the help! This process has got me very excited. I literally just started reaching out to people like you said and before I can even hit send on the next message people are calling me. Literally seconds after I push send. Crazy!

– Kevin

Customer Testimonial

Just finished reading the Lead Funnel Commando guide. This is a great guide with a set system to make some serious money!

This guide is a true homerun for anyone working in the real estate industry or anyone with clients in the RE industry. Imagine seeing how the “big boys” develop extremely valuable real estate leads for their teams including the 5 steps to creating your lead producing funnel system for yourself or your clients. Just being in the right place at the right time to get access to this info is well worth the price of admission.

Time to Take Action & get this valuable system developed and in place for an additional income source.

– Zen

Customer Testimonial

Okay I was excited to get this. ****NOW I’M PISSED!!!!!!!!****

I just paid $2,000 to a leadgen expert to learn this same schtuff two weeks ago!!!!!! Why are you selling this so cheap?!!!! It’s insulting!!! This needs to be no less than $997 or $1,997.

YOU MUST RAISE THE PRICE OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!! If anybody wants this thing.. you should get it.

Just don’t step within 100 miles of me…..

So yes you should buy this because it’s funny, but don’t actually do anything it says to do. Especially if you are in California.

– Stevetb77

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