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“Exposed… The Virtually Untapped Market of 1.12 Billion Responsive Buyers That Made One Savvy Online Retailer $5 Billion in 2011!

When the mighty Google recently launched its own tablet computer they confirmed that ‘Internet on the move’ was here to stay…

…  And that’s because Google has a track record of predicting the future of internet marketing with uncanny accuracy.

Remember, Google are the guys who bought YouTube, back in the fall of 2006, when hardly any marketers were using internet video.

Yet – now – online video is virtually wall to wall with 60% of the Google search results showing videos…

And, so it is with ‘mobile marketing’

In fact, Amazon added a jaw dropping $2BILLION in sales from mobile users in 2011. While over at eBay (were a mobile purchase is made every two seconds) the tally was a massive $5 BILLION.

Simply put, if you aren’t active in the mobile marketplace right now then you’re leaving BIG BUCKS on the table.  And with all predictions of mobile internet growth, any businesses (and that includes yours) that fails to prepare right now will eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

But don’t worry, if you are an Internet marketer or small business owner you can still

… be first in line with this

Because – while top dogs, like Amazon and eBay, are already exploiting mobile marketing to the max (and reaping great ‘early mover’ rewards) few internet marketers are doing ‘mobile marketing’, yet.

And that gives you a unique opportunity to…

… leave them choking in your dust…

… as you zoom past them on your way to mobile marketing gold.

Here’s an info-graphic with some key facts and figures that you need to read TODAY!

Mobile Web Infographic

You see the real beauty of mobile marketing is it costs next to nothing to tap into this already vast and fast growing market – all you need is the know-how.

Look no further!  That’s because I have all the smart shortcuts to creating your very own mobile marketing empire that will easily sit alongside your existing marketing – Apply this and I guarantee it will be like strapping on a booster-rocket that’s going to see your sales and profits soar.


Mobile Marketing Pro Training

The Ultimate Guide To Lighting-Fast Mobile Marketing…

Mobile Marketing Pro Training Combined

Once you possess and apply this easy to follow info, you’ll see your profits soar & your traffic explode because you’ve hooked up with this exciting new traffic source!

Mobile Marketing Pro Training is the up-to-the-minute cutting-edge, as simple as ABC, plan that reveals exactly how to start multiply your traffic fast by reaching out to this parallel market few of your rivals even know exists…

You get everything laid bare – all the details you need to take full advantage of the psychological facts that people enjoy a far more intimate relationship with their cell phones and tablets than they do with laptops or desk computers.

And that’s important because it’s why they are up to THREE TIMES more likely to buy something they view on their mobile device.

If you want to make serious money with your online business this is the only book you’ll ever need…

Here’s just a tiny taster of the brand new inside-track secrets awaiting you inside this radical new guide…

Mobile Marketing Pro Training begins by giving you some very interesting key statistics showing which countries have the highest smart phone usage. Interestingly, the highest by far (at 54%) is Singapore, closely followed by Hong Kong – both countries where the economies are booming, compared with the USA and Europe.

You need to pay close attention to the burgeoning mobile market – or kiss goodbye to vast amounts of easy profits already here and yours for the taking.  You’ll discover exactly what you need to do the exploit the mobile market for maximum benefits – And it’s all carefully packed into no-fluff sections, that will make you a Mobile Marketing Master in record breaking time…

  • A frank look at what a ‘mobile website’ really is and the real reasons why you need one today to begin maximizing your traffic, sales and profits.
  • Discover why your regular website is unknowingly blocking your path to all those lovely mobile marketing sales and extra profits.
  • How to get the maximum benefit from a mobile web site (and how to set yourself apart from the also-rans in your marketplace).
  • Revealed:  The astronomical numbers of smart phone users waiting to find your site – once you’ve made the smart move of going mobile…
  • Why you need to cater for two different mobile markets (this is CRITICAL – ignore it and you will be leaving a boatload of cash on the table).
  • The simple step you can take to make your existing WordPress web site more mobile friendly (all it takes is a simple plugin and about 5 minutes of your time).
  • The tipping point when mobile internet use will eclipse desk and lap top internet use – and it’s coming at you with the speed of an express train!
  • Discover why traditional methods of web page construction have no place in a mobile web site (many designers don’t understand this but you must be aware of it to succeed)
  • The types of content that works best on the home page of a mobile web site.  (some of the big players are getting this wrong and it’s costing them money every single day)
  • Why you need to minimise the amount of data viewers need to enter – including some clever tips on ways to slash data input requirements.
  • Site redirects: how to use them for maximum effect (and avoid making your precious visitors log off your site in frustration never to return).
  • Search Engine Optimization for your mobile site – and how it’s similar to traditional web sites, but with a few important differences.  (you must know what they are!)
  • How directory submissions are the complete opposite of what a traditional web site requires and how to  locate an extensive list of mobile web site directories and review sites to submit your site to.
  • The specialist mobile search engines – We reveal a super sneaky trick to get their attention without you having to look for them!
  • How to exploit the now universal medium of video to attract maximum traffic.
  • The shocking reason why Google AdWords and similar paid ads are more effective on mobile devices (+ a couple of simple tricks to exploit this to the max).
  • Discover how local-based mobile ads can be a real gold mine if you’re targeting your local marketplaces with your products/services and affiliate links.
  • NFC Technology and how this can send the profits of your local business skyward.
  • Creating custom apps – and the 4 smart ways you can make money with your very own app (PLUS+  You’ll discover how to get one custom made just for you).
  • The handy social networking site for local businesses (what’s more, a presence here makes it a snap to get high listings in Google’s mobile search engine results!).
  • QR codes and how to exploit these ‘bar codes on steroids’ to the MAX!
  • Discover why you really must change your current domain/URL before you go after the mobile market (this is a common mistake – that now you will NEVER make)
  • Keeping visitors wanting more – Discover exactly what they want from a mobile site.

… and much MUCH more…

Mobile Marketing Pro Training gives you a complete simple to use method for becoming a Mobile Marketing Master, lightening fast. And – once my secrets are YOUR secrets – you’ll be amazed just how fast your traffic and profits will explode.

Naturally, I want to help you achieve maximum benefit with this cutting edge material, so I’m seriously over-delivering with these…


Look, I know when you grab a copy of Mobile Marketing Pro Training in your hands and put it to use it could change your life. I also know that if you’re like most people, you procrastinate. I know what it’s like to procrastinate, and I’ve missed out on a lot of great opportunities because of it.

I don’t want that to happen to you.  Therefore, I’m going to reward you for taking action today. With a collection of special “fast action” bonuses. These will only be available during our ‘early-bird’ launch phase to encourage you to take action and reward you for being serious about this vital growth sector

Make no mistake – once you’ve mastered mobile marketing the extra (and increasing) amounts of traffic it will bring will transform your sales, profits and happiness!

For example, just imagine diverting a tiny fraction of that $2 BILLION of annual mobile sales Amazon enjoy via your Amazon affiliate account.

Have you yet experienced the parallel universe that the super-rich enjoy?  Just imagine never again having to worry about paying the regular household bills – and even having enough spare cash to buy virtually anything without having to beg for a loan or worry if you can afford it – because YOU CAN!

So, just think about what car you’d really like to drive, if money was no object. Not just an ‘entry level’ model – but the exact high end model you crave, with every conceivable extra, parked out there on your driveway – paid for in cold hard cash…

Yes, that really is the sort of lifestyle you could enjoy when you become a Mobile Marketing Master.

Be in no doubt… this cutting edge information will take both your income and life to undreamed of levels — and all you need do is say YES!

Because this blueprint is jam-packed with proven secrets that have the power to take your marketing to the next level and so give your income a serious jolt in the right direction.

I know you’re shrewd enough to realize the awesome potential these secrets will hand you. So I bet you are interested in the size of your investment in the Keys To The Profitable Kingdom Of Mobile Marketing.

This program has only just been published and so contains all the very latest, cutting-edge techniques for maximum mobile marketing success and profits. And – as you’re about to become one of the Early Birds who take full advantage of these powerful profit secrets –

You now stand at a crossroads

And you can choose to pass on this amazing offer and so take the road that will certainly mean that – twelve months from now – you will be a year older with maybe very little else different from now.


… you can be both a year older AND an established Mobile Marketing Master, enjoying the jaw dropping of both your detractors and competitors as you depart for that luxury vacation in your brand new, top of the range, luxury vehicle – all paid for from the extra money you make effortlessly from your mobile marketing.

It’s your call…

Make the right choice today and you take the first decisive step to when your wealth will be at a level you never expected to enjoy in a million years. That’s when you’ll bless this day when you discovered just how easy it was to unleash a torrent of fresh traffic onto your business with some simple mobile marketing techniques.

So I’m really looking forward to welcoming you on the other side, taking you by the hand and showing you exactly how these mobile marketing secrets can really transform your life.

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