Real Estate Authority Kit



“Don’t miss this incredible opportunity…”

Brand New Kit Gives You The Authority and Credibility To Generate Leads and Get More Clients!


Real Estate Authority Kit


So let’s take a look at what’s inside this incredible package!

Resource #1:

Professional Quality Promotional Video Commercials

You get two professionally crafted promotional videos that you can use immediately.

You can take these videos and upload it to your website, share it on social media, or even rank it on Google for highly-targeted traffic.

They come in a professional US voice over, and is the perfect pace, length and style that will keep viewers engaged and ready to take action.

Resource #2:

High Converting Prospecting Landing Pages

Get more targeted leads for your services with these lead generation pages.

Landing pages are in html format, and are fully responsive, so they look great on all devices.

Resource #3:

Expertly Written Prospecting Report

Provide your subscribers with massive value right off the bat with this expertly written lead magnet report.

This report educates your leads on the most important issues related to the real estate buying and selling process.

Report comes in docx, doc, and pdf format.

Resource #4:

High Quality Prospecting Report Cover Designs

All lead magnet reports need a cover design, and you can give off a great impression to your visitors with these high quality cover designs.

Graphics come in png and psd format.

Resource #5:

Persuasive Prospecting Email Followups

Now you can stay in contact with your subscribers using these 7 followup emails.

These emails have been expertly written to provide value to your subscribers, but also to get them to take action and contact you about your services.

These aren’t just emails for the sake of having emails; these are crafted to help convert subscribers into clients.

Resource #6:

10 Professionally Written Articles

Gain greater authority with these 10 professionally written articles.

These are highly informative, engaging, and provide great value to readers.

You can use these on your blogs, as guest posts, or even just on your social media.

Resource #7:

30 Engaging Social Media Posts

One of the best ways to engage with prospective clients is through social media, so we’re also going to give you engaging, and high-impact social media posts that you can use right now on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Here are some examples of the designs:

Resource #8:
Print-Ready Prospecting Graphics

Graphics come in jpg and psd format.

2 High Quality Flyer Designs

2 High Quality Postcard Designs


Resource #9:

Online Prospecting Graphics

Target your ideal clients on high traffic sites like Craigslist with these online ads.

Get your message in front of your target audience, and get them to visit your site, signup to your list, and contact you about your services.

Designs come in jpg and psd format.

2 High Quality Classified Ads Designs


8 High Impact Banner Ad Designs

We Created These Videos, So You Don’t Have To!

That’s right, we’ve done all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to worry about creating a thing.

That means you don’t have to spend a second wishing you had videos to post online, or spend weeks trying to figure it out yourself. Not to mention the $1000s you’d save by not having to hire someone to do it for you.

Resource #10:

10 Professional Content Videos

You’re going to get 10 high quality videos that are informative, educational, and engaging.

These are professionally created, and will be great on your social networks as well as on video-sharing sites, and on your blog or website.

  • Covers 10 different topics related to the main package
  • Includes professional voice overs
  • Between 2-3 minutes long (perfect for educational purposes)
  • MP4 format (optimized for the web)

Resource #11:

30 Powerful Social Videos

You will be getting 30 unique videos, all matching the quotes and relevant background images as you’ve seen in the images.

These are all custom-made, and are ready to go to work to drive more traffic and engagement for your clients.

  • 30 powerful social videos
  • Between 10-30 seconds long (perfect for social media)
  • Fully licensed, royalty free stock photos as the backgrounds
  • MP4 format (optimized for the web)

You’re Getting Everything You Need To Promote Your Services And Attract Clients Right Now!

You can literally download these resources in the next few minutes, go and target prospects in your area, and have your next clients within the next couple of hours.

Seriously, just upload the video and the lead generation pages onto your site, and start getting more clients for your services.

So Let’s Recap Everything You’re Getting Here

So You Can See How Much Value We’re Providing You!

  1. 2 Video Commercials (Value: $1000)
  2. High Converting Prospecting Landing Pages (Value: $300)
  3. Expertly Written Prospecting Report (Value: $100)
  4. Prospecting Report Cover Designs (Value: $60)
  5. Prospecting Email Followups (Value: $150)
  6. 10 Professionally Written Articles (Value: $200)
  7. 30 Engaging Social Media Posts (Value: $500)
  8. Print-Ready Prospecting Graphics (Value: $150)
  9. Online Prospecting Graphics (Value: $100)
  10. 10 Professional Content Videos (Value: $1500)
  11. 30 Powerful Social Videos (Value: $1500)

This Is A Massive Package That Will Save You A Huge Amount Of Money And Time!

Think about it…

If you tried to create all these different elements yourself, how many weeks, or months would it take?

On the other hand, if you’re not remotely a designer-type, you’d hire a designer to get it all done for you, but that’s a huge cost as well.

This entire package has been created in-house by my designers, programmers, and video creators, and they are all pros at what they do.

That means you’re saving a huge amount of money compared to if you hired people to do this for you.

Let’s face it, a high quality video commercial by itself would run you anywhere from $200-500+, high converting landing pages would cost you $150+ each, and professional designs will go for $50-100 each.

Get This Incredible Authority Kit Now!

This Is An Absolute No-Brainer That’s Going To Get You A Bunch Of New Clients!

Remember, you’re getting over $5000 in massive value for a tiny, tiny investment!

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