Five Steps To Massive Pinterest Traffic

As you’ve learned, Pinterest is an incredible referral-traffic goldmine. But this type of traffic doesn’t just fall out of the sky. To get the biggest impact from Pinterest, one must adopt a strategic approach to their pinning efforts.

Follow these 5 strategic steps to generate massive traffic with Pinterest:

Step 1: Perform keyword research and identify high-demand, low- competition target keywords.

Step 2: Include your main keyword phrase(s) in the “About” section of your personal profile.

Step 3: Create themed boards based on long-tail keyword phrase(s), then include that phrase in your board name(s) and description(s).

As an example, if one of your long-tail keyword phrases is “Email Marketing Best Practices”, then you would create a board with that title, and include that phrase in the description.

Step 4: Fill your boards with a combination of unique pins and repins. On the unique pins, make sure you leverage your keyword phrase in the description box along with a call-to-action. You can also use #keyword to help others to find your content more easily. Lastly, assign a strategic link to the pin.

As an example, you might embed a link to a blog post on your website or a link to an affiliate product.

Step 5: Share your unique pins on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites that you have an established presence on.

Following these five steps will have you well on your way to creating a Pinterest presence that generates massive traffic and increases your brand awareness.

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