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      Whether you use a professional designer or you do the work yourself, there are many ways that you can update the look and feel of your website. How often should you update the look? The short answer to this question is simple. Whenever you get tired of the look, it is likely aht you readers are also getting tired of it. On the other hand, there is no rule for how often it should happen, but subtle changes make readers fully aware of what is happening. People appreciate these small changes.

      Here are five simple ways to make a big improvement.

      1. Check out your font. Why not change it up? You can always play around with various options or you could go with something you have seen on another website. Fonts should be large enough to read easily and a lot of fancy lettering is too hard to read.
      2. Change out the color scheme. You may not want to change the layout or the overall design elements, but you can change the color. This will make the page pop and breathes new life into your images for little to no cost to you. You can change the color of your borders or even change the color of your font.
      3. Have you updated the photos on your home page recently? These photos should be changed as often as possible especially if they are not your company logo. You want to keep your website looking fresh. On the other hand, you may want to keep your logo static, to help your marketing brand to do well. Photos on web pages and on your blog posts are a critical part of updating your website, though.
      4. Check out the background on your pages. If you have a lot of white space here, fix things up. Add a bit of texture to these areas. You are sure to find that this is an easy way to add visual interest to your website.
      5. Change out your titles and descriptions to match your current content. Be sure that the overall layout of your website is attractive and easy to navigate. Still, you can make changes to the wording and descriptions.

      Keeping your website fresh and interesting is a necessary step in the process of improving your website’s appeal. If you want visitors to come back, give them something interesting to notice when they do.

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