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      A great trip for the entire family with a low cost is a trip to Amish Country. The Amish are very intriguing people. They do not use electricity and still make their own clothing. What is more interesting is how they cope in a world that is ever expanding. For those who would like to learn a bit about history, eat amazing food and enjoy the simpler pleasures in life; it may be a trip to Amish Country that is best for your weekend getaway.

      When you visit, you can stay at one of the many bed and breakfast locations available. Many of the Amish may their living by renting out bedrooms within their homes to visiting guests. What is nice about this is that individuals can often spend very little and get the maximum comfort. You can then tour the Amish lifestyle and do some shopping. While this is a budget weekend, keep in mind that you will find many beautiful items that you may feel are just too important to pass up.

      Children in particular will love to visit Amish Country. They can spend time enjoying the animals and see how people have used animals throughout history. You may be able to visit a cheese factory that works by hand. You may be able to milk cows, learn to quilt or find antiques that are beautiful and full of history.

      You can find pockets of Amish Country available throughout much of the United States. They are prominent in central Ohio and in Pennsylvania, if you are out for a drive. Some cities do offer websites that give you all the details you need to have regarding planning your budget weekend trip here. Keep in mind that you can spend as much or as little time as you want in Amish Country, but that most businesses do close by 6pm and most are not open on Sundays.

      The Amish people are among the friendliest people you will have met. They are welcoming and interested in your opinions as much as you are interested in them. The horse drawn buggies and carriages dot the farmland. It is common to see people working in the field or spending an evening singling together on the porch of their home. Take a step back into history and learn about how life was really like in Amish Country. It can be an eye opening experience.

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