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      Google Plus is set to be one of the fastest growing social network platforms that many businesses, both large and small, are jumping at the chance to join. The Google Plus world began in 2011 as a test case with only 150 invitations to join it and in a mere two years later, it has more than 500 million members. It has already passed Twitter to become the second largest social network site, as well as becoming the 4th most used app for smart phones.

      Google Plus is being seen as a necessary tool in the business world for several reasons. Some of these reasons that businesses are flocking to join it include:

      Google Circles Friendly for Business Usage

      One of the tools that Google Plus offers is called Circles, and it allows users to sort friends and followers into groups like family, friends, people you are following, acquaintances, etc. This gives it more of a business feeling than sites like Facebook because a business could, for instance, make a circle for employees or one for just managers, etc.

      This allows a Google Plus member to have several “flavors” to his contacts, i.e. separate your friends from your professional contacts so you can choose what posted materials each will see and not subject the others to having to wade through everything you have posted on your account.

      Hangouts Make Training, Meetings easy for Businesses

      Another tool businesses are finding useful is the Google Plus Hangout. A hangout that involves a video chat can hold up to 10 people, while a text chat can handle more than 10 people. They are free and easy to set up from a menu within the Google Plus homepage.

      While it seems to have a less formal name, the hangout is a method of grouping people together for online meetings, training sessions, brainstorming sessions, or for some sort of announcement or other get together. A business could, for instance, form a test marketing session of customers to discuss the pros and cons of a new product or service and get their answers in real time.

      Using Hangouts helps a company to seem more “human” since it lets customers interact and get a more personal experience with the brand and thus you get more loyal customers to your brand.

      Brands Interact With Relevant, Up-to-date Content

      Big companies have learned that it’s vital for them to post relevant and up-to-date articles, announcements, videos, pictures and more. These must reflect the company’s core objectives and make their customers want to come back time after time to see what new things have been posted. If the content isn’t interesting and engaging, the business won’t survive even if it is a large company with a large advertising budget. This is another reason why Google Plus is attracting more companies to its ranks.

      Companies also must allow customers to interact and allow feedback that will help the company to gain loyal and dedicated clients because they will see that the company cares about their wants, needs and opinions. Which companies do this best out of the larger ones that have embraced Google Plus as the place to be? Here are some examples:

      BBC News

      The British Broadcasting Company is very well known and has millions of viewers all around the world. They are using Google Plus to their advantage to reach out to their viewers and provide useful information to help them to engage with their market base. The BBC’s Google Plus page offers followers breaking new stories, interactive features, links to their website, and articles from several other channels.


      Intel is an American multi-national semiconductor chip maker with its headquarters located in Santa Clara, California. It’s considered as the world’s biggest and the most valuable chip maker when its profits are taken into consideration. Intel too is using Google Plus to help further its cause.

      This technological giant in the business makes sure that its Google Plus page is geared towards its customers and they give them plenty of videos, photos and engaging copy, plus they ask followers questions on what they would like to see in future postings. They also ask followers which circles they want to be in and this helps them to put people into areas they are interested in.


      Macys, an American shopping icon, uses coupons to help engage its customers on Google Plus. They engage them with special offers and promotions. This helps them to get new customers.

      Marvel Comics

      One of the most popular big businesses on Google Plus is Marvel Comics. Their Google Plus page has plenty of interactive content to keep their followers engaged, as well as using hangouts, free products, and coupons.


      The big car company Toyota also does well on Google Plus. They post things like their newest car creations and fill their pages with luxury autos and very strong graphics. This results in their page being popular amongst car lovers.

      These are just a few examples of the big companies that have embraced Google Plus as one of the best tools available to make profits, engage customers and keep on building their brands.

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