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      LinkedIn is not just a place for the “little people” in small businesses to interact and grow their brands. Big companies are also getting in on the LinkedIn “train” and finding out how they can use it to promote their huge companies and make profits of their own.

      LinkedIn is a very popular networking site with more than 200 million users and it is growing every minute of the day. It’s easy to create a LinkedIn page and the big businesses have the money to buy a premium account on LinkedIn, which gets them even more opportunities and tools to help promote their causes.

      What Big Companies Are On LinkedIn?

      There are hundreds of big companies with Linked In Company pages. Some of these places and how they are benefitting and using LinkedIn to help them to be successful include:

      IBM — The computer giant IBM is one of the big name companies with a LinkedIn account. Their representatives reported that LinkedIn gave their company a chance to directly communicate with potential job candidates and they considered it their best tool for recruiting potential new hires. They were one of the very first big companies to try social media networking sites like LinkedIn to recruit new employees.

      Home Depot – Home Depot is another big company using LinkedIn to help them to fill positions that were difficult to find qualified candidates for in the past. These include jobs like information technology, supply, and more. They have learned that using LinkedIn recruitment, engaging with LinkedIn groups and responding to questions from contacts have all helped them in finding great employees that perfectly fit the bill in their stores.

      Amazon.com – Amazon.com is one of the biggest retailers online and one of the most successful. They too are using LinkedIn company pages to help promote their brand, advertise their company and help them to hire future employees.

      Hewlett-Packard — One way Hewlett Packard uses Linkedin is by giving peer-to-peer advice to other businesses. They have worked to help these businesses through discussions on problems other businesses are having and helping them solve them.

      These are only four of the hundreds of big companies using LinkedIn. Others include businesses like Kraft, Lockheed Martin, EMC, Intuit, Allstate and ConAgra to name a few more.

      How do Fortune 500 Companies Use LinkedIn?

      According to LinkedIn facts, every existing Fortune 500 company is represented in one way or another on LinkedIn. The method that Fortune 500 companies use on LinkedIn is through the use of headhunters to help them to fill open positions. These headhunters contact people who are already employed and try to recruit them and get them to accept positions elsewhere. They also use groups and other LinkedIn tools to help them to get prospective leads and to learn about potential profit making ventures.

      How are B2B Marketers Using LinkedIn?

      When it comes to B2B marketers, there are also plenty of them who have learned to use LinkedIn to their advantage. It has become the go to place for B2B marketers for many reasons. In fact, statistics report that more than 90 percent of B2B marketers prefer using LinkedIn over any of the other social networking sites.

      Hence, there are plenty of B2B marketers that have realized the possible ways that LinkedIn can help their businesses to succeed and thrive. This is due to things like building relationships with customers, clients, potential employees and other businesses. They can promote their brands and get more well-known and in the end everyone involved benefits if they do it effectively and correctly.

      Just like anyone else, the B2B marketers use things like LinkedIn Groups, and relevant and up-to-date postings to help them to become popular on LinkedIn and “go to” businesses in their niche. This helps everyone involved in the long run because everyone gets new info in their line of work and gets the chance to network with fellow business professionals who can lead them to future contacts that could take their business even further.

      LinkedIn therefore can benefit all businesses big or small. No matter the size of the business, LinkedIn gives it the tools to potentially get new employees, and to make valuable connections in their fields that will help their companies be successful in the future. So if your business hasn’t made the plunge to creating a LinkedIn account, don’t wait a second longer or you could be losing millions of opportunities through potential connections with the more than 200 million users.

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