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      Tumblr is one of the up and coming micro-blog platforms in social media that is growing more every day. Tumblr is a social media site created in 2007 where users post seven kinds of media, including text, photos, video, links from the Internet, audio, chat, and quotes. Billions of people all over the world are now using Tumblr, so it stands to reason that the big companies are also getting involved so they can get the advantage of promoting their brands to customers and potential customers.

      Tumblr allows users to follow other Tumblr blogs and to reblog that content if they so desire. This works great for businesses because it helps them to get a form of free advertising when their customers with Tumblr accounts promote their content. Tumblr also encourages users to interact with each other in discussions, which can also be great for a company whether it is well-known or it is just starting out and trying to get new customers.

      First Users of Tumblr for Business

      Some of the first big companies to join Tumblr were businesses from the fashion industry, including Oscar De La Renta and Ann Taylor. Both of these companies took advantage of being able to post photos by using Tumblr to show off their new clothing lines and giving their customers data and fun facts about what was going on in the world of fashion.

      Media businesses have also embraced the Tumblr universe. Three such companies are the Lost Angeles Times newspaper, Newsweek magazine and the Rolling Stone Magazine. For instance, Rolling Stone Magazine has discovered that they can get their followers on Tumblr to also go to their regular website, which can lead to them getting more traffic and future customers.

      Newsweek shows on their Tumblr blog how they have discovered that it’s a perfect way to give their readers information that is funny, informal and moving. Their “voice” on Tumblr can be different than their printed magazine, and yet still reflect their company’s style and dedication to their readers.

      Top Businesses Who Use Tumblr Successfully

      Another business that has successfully been using Tumblr is Huggies Diapers. They have a Tumblr blog called Highchair Critics where parents and caregivers can get lots of information on baby items and child care in general, as well as post baby videos and photos.

      IBM is a large and well-known technology giant and they too are using Tumblr to promote their company brand. Their Tumblr blog is called “A Smarter Planet” and it uses short posts along with videos and photos. All of these promote and give readers information on updates in the science and technology world.

      Unique Tumblr Users Also Get Benefits

      Doctors Without Borders is a large medical organization that does humanitarian work in over 60 countries, helping to treat the local people who need medical assistance due to catastrophic events, war, or neglect. They joined Tumblr to help get the information out about their organization through photos and quotes about their mission. They use photos with short cutlines along with quotes taken from field reports in the affected areas. These posts then link to their regular website, and the whole process works well to get people’s attention about the issues being faced worldwide by poor and indigent people all over the world.

      The Museum of Useful Things is another interesting Tumblr blog user, as they are a company that sells odds and ends like aluminum push pins or a magnetic nail holder. They discovered that Tumblr allowed them to promote their company through art and design and they have used that to their advantage for showcasing their innovative products and bringing in more clients.

      A local, but big in New York, business has also discovered how to make Tumblr work well for promoting its brand. Milkmade Ice Cream is a gourmet ice cream maker with a blog called Adventures in Ice Cream. On it they post daily photos featuring the ice cream that they sell. This concept shows great usage of the Tumblr ability to post appealing photos to attract and get customers to your company.

      All in all, Tumblr is showing itself to be a fantastic business tool for both large and small businesses all over the world.

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