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      Twitter is a social media that has been around since 2006 and the big companies have definitely known it was around, as it has grown exponentially from a few thousand tweets a day to having more than 400 million tweets a day, as well as more than half a million users. The large businesses realized early on that this was a place that had great potential for marketing purposes and they weren’t afraid to use it to their advantage.

      How Big Companies Use Twitter

      For instance, one big company that uses Twitter all the time now is CNN. They always include their Twitter handle in every one of their other media releases because they know it’s the quickest way to reach their audience. They want to be able to have their audience locate their news releases in the fastest way possible, and Twitter fills that very well.

      Other big companies that love Twitter now are businesses like Starbucks, or the car companies like Ford and Chevrolet. They have even dedicated a whole department in some cases to helping them to get Twitter followers. They have discovered that if they target their marketing to specific customers, that Twitter can help them reach those customers quicker and more efficiently.

      The big companies learn the best ways to use Twitter to help them brand themselves for those customers too. Twitter is very unique in how it allows businesses big or small to get right to the heart of where their customers are and be able to interact and engage with them on a level platform. Being able to converse with a client in real time and help to meet their needs is a real advantage and big companies know this very well, and the smaller ones are also learning just how valuable Twitter can be to helping their business to do well.

      Car Companies Signing up to Twitter

      The big companies are happy to tout their successes when using Twitter. For instance, Chevrolet says that it’s easy to get customers talking on Twitter because they love to talk about their cars and trucks. This is something that all businesses should take note of. If Chevrolet can be successful by getting their customers in a conversation about cars, then your business can engage its customers in talking about your products and services too and also have success! You just have to find a creative way to do it that gets and keeps their attention.

      Another car company that uses Twitter every day is Ford. Their representative says that they started to use Twitter because it was a great way to humanize their brand and help their customers to reach them to talk about their car and truck needs or problems.

      Honda also makes cars and they too use Twitter to interact with customers. They tout Twitter as being a more personal way to engage their clients and because Twitter lets them respond back in a unique and innovative fashion that wasn’t possible in the past.

      Airlines also love Twitter

      Car companies aren’t the only ones on Twitter. It works especially well for travel businesses like airlines because they can instantly put out information on travel delays, cancellations or weather alerts. For instance, Jet Blue says that they think Twitter is great for listening to their customer’s concerns in real time. That way they are immediately available to try to help them.

      Southwest is another airline that uses Twitter a lot. They say that they decided to use it after already being on the blogging scene for quite a while and they signed up with Twitter in 2007. Now, they use it for things like announcements, events, and activities and encourage their employees to use it as well.

      Hotel Companies Flocking to Join Twitter

      Another group of companies on Twitter now are several of the hotel chains. For instance, the Luxor in Las Vegas is active on Twitter and says they use it to promote things to their guests like customer service and all the things the hotel offers. They list their Twitter handle on all of their website pages.

      The Marriot hotels also use Twitter. They say they started when they realized that it would help to support their strategic plan and communications. They too started shortly after Twitter came about and have been a member since 2007 and have worked on getting employees and managers integrated into it ever since.

      Many Others Use Twitter

      Many other companies and business categories have accounts on Twitter such as cruise line companies, sports teams, car rental companies, TV channels and networks, comic book creators and magazine editors, and even big banks like Wachovia or financial organizations like H&R Block. The reality is that Twitter is a great business tool and if your business isn’t joining in with the big guys and using Twitter, then you won’t be around much longer.

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