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      The kids want to head to a local theme park for the weekend. You would like to take them, but the cost has you worried. Theme parks of all types can be expensive. Some are costly just for admission. When you add in the costs associated with food and entertainment costs, the costs add up even farther. You can find ways to save money on your budget travel to theme parks. The goal is to find ways to minimize the purchases you will make at the facility. It does not matter if you are visiting a theme park with characters or a theme park filled with rides. You can save money on your trip.

      Tips For Saving Money

      One of the first things to do to save money at a theme park is to find discounted admission prices. Most theme parks offer some types of discounts. Even if you do not live nearby to the theme park, chances are good there are discounts to help you get in. Do a search online for discount tickets to the amusement park. Find out if the local drug stores, the Chamber of Commerce or other businesses are offering discount admission to these locations. Do not forget to visit the theme park’s website,, too, where they may list discount options including discounts on second day admission and staying at their hotels.

      Once inside the theme park, there are still costs you will need to manage. Here are some tips for managing them.

      • Food is the largest expense, in most cases. Plan to bring in a meal if you would like to, such as a picnic lunch. Check the website of the park to make sure this is acceptable. If not, you may want to have a big meal outside the park such as one right before you arrive and a second after you leave.
      • Bring water bottles with you! This will greatly decrease the cost of your day at the park.
      • Avoid souvenirs and gift shops. These too will increase the price you pay.

      With a bit of planning you will be able to save money on your trip to a theme park. You will still get to do all of the things that you want to, but you will avoid having to spend hundreds of dollars at the park itself. That can make this type of weekend getaway far more affordable.

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