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      With money tight, there may not be a lot of money to use for traveling. Still, with the weekend approaching, you need a change of pace. You can have a great weekend around the home or the local area without spending a lot of money. In fact, why not try to make this weekend a no spend weekend where you do all sorts of fun things together without spending a penny on the weekend. You may find that this could be more fun than some of the more expensive weekends you and your family have had recently.

      Tips To Get You Started

      Of course, one of the worst things to do is to lock yourself in the home and watch television all weekend. Save that for a weekend when everyone is feeling ill. Instead, consider these more enjoyable activities for a no cost weekend.

      • Spend some time outdoors in your backyard. Why not clean up the yard, look for signs of animals and do something for the environment such as scattering seeds or just cleaning up? These are all simple things you can do together to improve the home.
      • Go swimming at the local pool. You may also want to find out if the city offers any type of free activities for the public. Some cities offer astronomer nights, park events, free educational programs and free rec center days.
      • Camp out in your backyard. If you have a local park that allows camping, this could be a great place to spend the weekend. You may only be a few miles from home, but at least you are really enjoying the location.
      • Go on a historic home tour in your city. Spend some time research the oldest homes in the city through your local historical society. Then, plan to find them and learn about the people at the locations. Public libraries are a great way to make this happen.
      • Spend the day with your family playing a few sports in your yard. In the wintertime, get out the board games and play them as a family. Have a television free day in which everyone gets to pick one thing to do as a group.

      Sure, getting away for the weekend is a lot of fun, but it can be expensive. Instead of doing this all the time, try an at home, do not spend anything weekend instead. It can be a lot of fun just being with your family.

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