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      For a great low cost getaway, consider camping. The wilderness is not nearly as challenging or as costly as people believe. In fact, it could be a great way for you and your family to build a bond with each other. Camping does not require expensive equipment (you can rent a tent if you need to) but it does require some good planning. If you are hoping for a low cost getaway, unplug your family and head out to do some camping.

      Why Camping Is Great

      You may be hoping for a weekend getaway that allows you to remove yourself from the stresses of daily life. Camping will do that for you, but it is also a learning experience. Parents will learn a lot about themselves and their children. Children will learn all about the wildlife and landscape surrounding them. They will be able to learn about the importance of the environment. This is a great way to get back to the good old days.

      The reason why so many people do not like to go camping is their fear of not having anything to do. Without a television or video games, what is there to do? You can do many things. Start a fire and talk about the environment. Go swimming in the nearby lake. Bring all of your favorite foods (which you may have been planning to cook at home anyway) and have a BBQ. You can also spend some time out in a canoe or venture into the water to find out what type of habitats animals have nearby. You can go hiking. You can take kites to catch the breeze with. You may even be able to spend your day relaxing under the sun with a great book. Plenty can be done on a weekend in the wilderness.

      Keep in mind that you should plan for this type of weekend away in advance. Be sure you have plenty of experience in the outdoors or that you take someone that does. Most local areas offer campgrounds, even some of the local park systems allow you to camp in them.

      In terms of affordability, camping is one of the best weekend getaways you will find especially if you already have all the gear that you need. Spend a few minutes planning a weekend in the wilderness. Encourage everyone to relax and enjoy a weekend away. They may actually enjoy it more than the local theme park.

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