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      After a long week, you want to collapse in bed and hope that Monday stays away as long as possible. Planning a budget weekend is a great way to break the routine up. One way to do this is through a visit to family you have not seen in some time. Perhaps you have cousins, friends or even a brother or sister that lives out of town. Why not plan a road trip to see them this weekend. You can keep the costs down by staying with them and be able to have a lot of fun together. Family is usually a great way to enjoy the weekend.

      Making It A Success

      How can you make this type of a trip enjoyable? There are many ways that it can go wrong, such as poor planning. Here are some tips to make sure it goes well.

      • Plan for a few weeks, to be sure that your family can be ready for you. If you do not think their home is large enough, you may instead want to consider a local hotel instead. That will keep the costs low and still make the weekend fun for everyone.
      • Do invest some time in doing activities outside of their home. For example, you all may want to go to a local museum or to the local parks. That can help you to do something fun without imposing.
      • Make sure that the trip to their location is also fun. You may want to make a stop half way there to do something fun, even something small, especially if it is a long trip. Bring activities for children in the vehicle and snacks for everyone. Pillows and blankets can be a great for naps in the car.

      If you have family you have not seen and you need a break from your home, why not plan a weekend getaway that allows you to get both of these things? It does not need to be a long trip. As long as your family wants you to visit, there is no reason why you should not make such a trip. Make it enjoyable by planning some low-key things to do. Plan a BBQ instead of dinners out. Do some of the cooking yourself to relieve you family from it. Many times, long distance family and friends are happy to have you come and stay with them.

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