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      There are many great free tools available online that you can use to boost your website’s productivity or help you to improve the site in some way. If you are looking to see how well your website is doing, here are some areas that you want to focus on. You can find a variety of companies offering free tools like these listed below. Why not use them and see what they have to say about your website?

      • Find out if your website is capable of working on various browsers. Unless you plan to download them all, you can find some free tools to allow you to check out what your website will look like. More people than ever are switching away from Internet Explorer.
      • Coding errors can cost you big time. As one of the most important steps you can take to improve your website, find one of the tools that will check your HTML coding to ensure there are no errors in the code. This will improve navigation and customer acceptance.
      • Have you updated your keyword usage lately? Just because you are ranking well for a few keywords does not mean you are done. You should be checking out the latest updates in keywords that are associated with your website. This will ensure your website is always ranking well no matter how much terms change.
      • Check for broken links in your website. Broken links, such as those you have listed to other websites that no longer are there, are often a problem for visitors. They may feel the website is old and outdated. There are several programs that offer this type of updating.
      • What about load time? How long does it take for your website to load for someone who has never been there before? You can find tools that will estimate your load time for you.
      • Have you considered what your website looks like from a mobile phone? Is it even compatible? If not, or you are not sure, take some time to check out the tools that can help to make it so. More people are using smartphones than ever.

      Keep in mind that there are many companies offering these types of tools. Do some research to find out, which are reliable and worth your time before you start using them. You should not have to pay for any of them, unless you decide to use enhanced services they often offer.

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