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      Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that has been around since 2007 and has grown in leaps and bounds. Billions of people around the world go onto Tumblr to post things, read posts, or just to browse around and see the various different kinds of blogs they can find.

      Tumblr is a great place for a business to get the attention and interaction with its customers on a one to one basis. It is somewhat like a mix of the short postings on Twitter and the social interaction you get on Facebook. Tumblr is a very graphic intensive media and also allows users to easily post via phone and email along with going straight to the site. It allows seven kinds of media: chat, text, photos, video, quotes, links, and audio files.

      Millions of Potential Viewers for Posts

      With all that potential, many businesses are wondering, is it possible to make money using Tumblr? The answer is that making money with Tumblr is hard work, but it can be done. For one thing, Tumblr makes it possible for literally millions of people to view your post. If you luck out and that post goes viral, then it could earn you thousands or more new customers and send some traffic to your website or blog.

      In order to do that though, you need to be in a niche that is popular and liked by a lot of people. Some of the most popular blogs on Tumblr feature things like sports, food, fashion and funny photos and videos. If you can come up with some kind of interactive, interesting and funny post, then it can be a golden opportunity to help your business to soar!

      If you can find something trending in your business niche that makes people stop and stare, laugh out loud or race to their screen to make a return comment, then you have the idea. Re-blogging material from other people’s account can also net you some attention because it could gain you a few followers as well, which could turn into paying customers if they follow your links to your business website.

      Tags are Vital to Get Attention

      Every time you make a post, be sure to add a tag. That makes it possible for non-followers to see your post if they are searching for that tagline topic. This helps to make your posts more popular and popularity equals more followers and potentially more profits if they also become paying customers on your business website.

      Add relevant tags such as if it is a picture of someone eating one of the pizzas you sell, then tag it with words like “pizza time” or “yummy” or “pepperoni” or some other word that has to do with eating pizza. Tags are definitely one of the best things for getting more people to see your posts and likely to end up following you as well.

      Tie in Your Tumblr Account to Other Social Media Sites

      Many businesses are finding that if they tie in their Tumblr account with their other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or to their business blog or website, that it is helping them to make a profit. That’s because cross promoting your posts on all of your accounts gets you much more attention since not every potential customer has an account on all of the social media platforms.

      Since you have to be where your potential customers are located, be sure to give them a chance to find you easier by putting links to your other posts on all of your accounts. This way you are sure to be able to lead interested people right to your store where you can show them why they should buy your products and services.

      Get Involved With Your Customers

      Engagement with customers earns businesses the trust and the money of their clients. It lets the customers know that your business is dedicated to their needs and it builds loyalty amongst your followers. If you solve a client’s problem, meet their needs and show that you care, they are bound to tell others and that can lead to more traffic and potential sales and customers in the future.

      The bottom line is that you can make money on Tumblr! It may not be a direct path to profits, but it can definitely be used to lead your potential clients where you want them to go.

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