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      One of the most important aspects of your website is its navigational tools or menu. You need to make sure you choose something that is easy for your visitors to operate—don’t clutter your website with so many other things that visitors cannot find the menu. You don’t want to try to be different and create something you think will be appealing because it’s different. In reality your visitors are not looking for something that is different—they just want to be able to navigate your website without having to search for the tools to do so.

      It is not likely to be a problem for those who use a template but graphic artists who have the capabilities to write their own HTML code can pretty much place the menu anywhere on the website they or their client wants. Website visitors, however, are used to using it on the top or either side. Placement of your navigational tools in any other spot will force your visitors away—they will not take the time to search all over your website to find a means to navigate. Keep it very simple and basic instead of trying to impress visitors with something that has never been done in the past.

      Another mistake some people make with navigational tools and even the website itself is choosing colors that are not clear. For instance a dark blue on block or red on pink are not going to be clear to everyone’s eyes. Look at the colors on your website and make sure they are clear—you may have some people that are unable to view light colors because of vision difficulties, so make sure your font color is easy for everyone to see, especially on your menu. There are some websites with font colors so light that even someone with good eyes will have trouble reading the information and this is on the menu!

      Your audience is your biggest asset in your business so you want to make sure you create a website that allows the easiest navigation. The quicker your visitors can move around your website the more sales you will generate. If visitors have difficulty finding what they need they will quickly cease coming to your website and find one that is easier for them to navigate. Look at something that is easy for your visitors rather than something you think is appealing and attractive in spite of clutter.

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