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      If you own a business, then you need to be using Google Plus to help with your marketing needs. Google Plus is now the second most popular social networking platform and it’s vital to add it to your business toolbox. In order to use it properly and effectively, here is some high quality Google Plus tricks to add to your list of tools:

      Be Sure Your Profile is Setup Properly. The profile is your key to having a great Google Plus experience whether your business is large or small. That’s why it must be built right the first time. For instance, having a good headshot for your photo in Google Plus is vital so people can put a face to the name. Make sure it is a good photo, good resolution, and not grainy or blurry. You want that first impression searchers see to be a good one when your thumbnail pix shows up in the search engine queries for your brand or name.

      Be sure to add a link to your website or blog if you have it, as this is a feature in Google Plus that helps you to stand out and get more traffic and notice to your websites, blogs, LinkedIn account, etc. You should also craft a good introduction when you describe yourself and your business so that you will sound interesting and knowledgeable in your niche and people will want to add you to their Google Plus circles.

      Don’t forget to make your profile searchable. Look in your profile for “search visibility” and be sure that the box for “help others find my profile in search results” is checked. It also helps to get a custom URL so that you can use it to share your profile better. You can get one at http://www.gplus.to.

      Share photos that are relevant to your niche. You also want to only post valuable and useful photos that add information to your text or can stand alone to show off some aspect of your business. Google indexes both text and photos, so you want to put your best foot forward when choosing the images to post. For instance, if you are talking about a brand new product, it’s a good idea to show a picture of someone using it or at least a close up of it so people can see what it looks like better.

      Photos can work well to help people to visualize things that have to do with your business and its products and services, as well as helping them to put a face to the names of you and your employees.

      Use “Circles” to connect with customers, prospective customers, etc. Google Plus circles are one of its very best features. It allows you to sort out the groups of people or other businesses that you allow seeing your postings based on their likes and needs. You can, for instance, make a circle for customers where you share new products, coupons, news on your business, etc., and you could have one for prospective clients that offers deal just for them, and you could even add another circle that is for your employees or one for your other business contacts.

      All of this is much better than on Facebook because the individuals in the circles don’t have to wade through all of your posts to see the ones that are most relevant to their needs and likes. Circle members can only see what is in the circles they are part of and not all of the other info in circles they are not included in.

      Be sure to Include Google +1s, Comments, and Shares. At the heart of all good social media marketing and networking lies the power of relationships. Social network platforms are all about giving you a way to interact with customers, employees, and other businesses in your niche. Be sure to share your content on Google Plus with all of your appropriate contacts, as well as using the Google +1 option, which is similar to the Facebook like to promote the thing you find useful.

      Plus, get yourself and your brand better known by commenting on streams to interact with customers and other people in Google Plus pages in your niche. You can do this by offering new important data in your field, answering questions to build rapport, etc.

      Don’t Forget to Use Hangouts. Google Plus Hangouts are a tremendous way to use chat and video to get yourself known, as well as to hold meetings, announcements, etc. Hangouts are used with circles, for instance, if you are holding training for your employees; just pick that circle to use to set up the hangout. For video you can include up to 10 people and for just chat, you can add more. It’s a real time app in Google Plus that is sure to give Skype a run for its money since it’s free to all Google Plus users.

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