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      Many businesses are discovering the power of Tumblr, a micro-blogging social media platform that started in 2007, and has grown in popularity and usefulness ever since. Once signed up for Tumblr, there are some high quality Tumblr tricks that will help businesses make the most out of their Tumblr experience.

      Some users may find that even though Tumblr is largely simple to work in, there are some useful features that you may not be aware of or that are hard to locate on their site. Plus, there are some cool browser add-ons that can add to your Tumblr experience as well. Here are some high quality Tumblr tricks you can try with your account:

      Browser Add-Ons

      Some of the best of the extra things you can use with your Tumblr account are the result of browser add-ons. One of these add-ons is called Missing E, and it is available at http://missing-e.com/. This add-on gives Tumblr users the ability to “ask tweaks” which works with your Tumblr inbox and messages, “better re-blogs” to help users to re-post things easier and faster, “bookmarker” to mark their place on the dashboard, “dashboard tweaks” to customize the dashboard, “go to dash post” so you can get back to the dashboard easier by opening the links there in a new tab, “magnifier” to be able to enlarge a photo and not have to leave the dashboard, plus other features for editing multiple posts, working with the Tumblr sidebar, and the ability to hide images in Tumblr posts by hovering the mouse over them.

      Posting, Accessing Photos More Effectively

      If you are attempting to post a photo that is actually hosted on a third-party website, it will show up as a little grey box in the text part of your post. Then, users have to click the box to see it. This can be annoying for some users, so it is best to upload any image you want in your posts directly instead of hosting the image elsewhere. When posting a photo, the file can’t be any bigger than 10MB, plus it must be in a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .bmp format. Plus, if the gif is animated, it can’t be bigger than one megabyte or more than 500 pixels wide. Save a brand new version of the file using a photo/image application to remove encoding issues from the original file. In addition, an image has to be RGB format, as Tumblr doesn’t support CMYK photo files.

      Another thing about Tumblr photos is they usually only show up as a thumbnail on the dashboard. If you would rather they show up as full sized photos, then all you have to do is go the dashboard, then go to settings, and choose “show full sized photos.” Then all of the photos will show up in a true size instead of thumbnails.

      Keep Tumblr from Truncating Long Text Posts

      Some users find it annoying that Tumblr turns long text posts that you want to re-blog into a link instead of showing the full original text content. It’s actually easy to correct this so that your re-blogs will show up as text instead of a link. Just go the top right corner of the post, click the icon next to settings, and in the resulting drop box you will see an option to re-blog as text, which will solve this annoying issue.

      Post Things to Tumblr via Email

      If desired, you can also post things to Tumblr by using your email account. All you have to do is sent the post you created to the custom email address that exists for your blog. This email address can be found by checking in the post by email section of the blog settings.

      Unfortunately, audio and video can’t be sent by email, but all of the other five types of Tumblr posts will work. You can get exact details of how to post on Tumblr via email here. However, you can phone in an audio post by dialing 1-866-584-6757 and leaving a message.

      Dashboard Keyboard Shortcuts

      Sometimes we just want to be able to do things faster in Tumblr, if so, here are some easy dashboard shortcuts:

      • Press J to move forward through posts, K to go in reverse, L to like the current post, and N to see a post’s notes.
      • Press the spacebar to view photosets in a light box or start playing a video post.
      • Press Shift + R for a fast re-blog.
      • Press Shift + E to add the post to your Queue.
      • Press Z + C to quickly compose a new post.

      Press Z + Tab to quickly switch between your Dashboard and your blogs.

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