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      Google Plus is considered as the social media platform that is more professional than the others like Facebook or Twitter. Since its start in 2011, Google Plus has come a long way and is now getting very popular amongst Internet marketers who have discovered that it can be used in their marketing strategies to get their brand more well-known.

      Google Plus is an up and coming social network platform and many Internet marketers are starting to use it as a way to not only interact with customers, but also to interact with fellow business people and others in their niche. This too helps your marketing strategies because it gets your brand more well-known in the field and makes you the expert in your area.

      Google Plus is SEO Friendly

      Google Plus is considered to be SEO friendly for several reasons. First of all, it has more than 500 million users and that’s a lot of potential visitors to your business website or brick and mortar store. Website visitors are what all marketers crave so that they can get the profits they need to stay in business and Google Plus is giving them several ways to attract potential customers to their websites and blogs.

      This means that you should go through your Google Plus pages the same way you have likely gone through your website and blog to optimize them and make them SEO friendly. This ensures that your Google Plus account will be showing up in the top of the Google ranking on the search pages and your sites will be considered as the go to in your niche.

      Content is Still King on Google Plus

      First, content is still king in Google Plus. Google search engine algorithm still indexes all of the posts on Google Plus, which makes it necessary to only post relevant and up-to-date information in your texts, articles, videos, and photos. If you post great content and intermix in it some trending key words and phrases, then your Google Plus account can help your page rankings to grow. This can be done by cross posting your content from your website, blogs, Facebook and other accounts to and from your Google Plus account to get your business more exposure to potential customers.

      Businesses can extend their reach on Google Plus by finding their proper niche and not only posting relevant and up-to-date content, but also by sharing it amongst your followers and on other people’s Google Plus pages. Learn to put relevant hashtags at the end of your posts for even better exposure. You should also put a Google +1 button on your website so that your readers can click it and thus recommend your content to others, as the Google +1 is similar to a “like” on Facebook.

      Be Patient When Waiting for Changes in Status

      Google Plus is an extremely viable platform for Internet marketers, but it does take a bit more time to see the results than with other types of social media or SEO strategies. If you continue to consistently post relevant and up-to-date posts and give your followers the things they need, answer their questions, and get to be seen as the go to expert in your niche, then you will see the results of a ranking hike in due time.

      You can also interact more with your followers by doing fun things like post polls, give them contests to enter or post coupons to your website store. Everyone loves these types of things and it does a good job attracting new and potential customers to your Google Plus and other sites. It’s important to treat your Google Plus pages as a way to put a face to your name as a business person and not to always be aimed at “selling.” Even though you want to make a profit, you can’t just blatantly try to force your customers to buy, you have to form a relationship with them and get their trust.

      Circles and Hangouts Help Define Google Plus Tactics

      Two more new features that Google Plus has that Facebook and other sites don’t are Circles and Hangouts. The Circles feature is a method of sorting out your followers into specific groups so that you can make sure each group only gets the posts that are relevant to their needs and wants. For instance, you can put employees into one, business contacts into one and customers into another. It’s all up to you.

      Hangouts are also a valuable business tool. It lets you set up video meetings, webinars, focus groups, etc. that happen live. These are great for letting your customers see you in person and for them to ask questions and get to know your business better. It is a very powerful tool for creating trust and getting your brand name out there for the world to see.

      So, if you own a business, then make sure to set up a Google Plus account to help you form your Internet marketing strategies and tactics today.

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