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      Tumblr, which was first launched in 2007, is a micro blogging social network platform that is attracting more than 120,000 blogs a day to sign up and become one of its more than 90 million min-blogs. Tumblr is a free site where businesses and individuals can sign up and post things like funny photos, interesting videos, chat with each other, post text content or audio files, or even quotes and Internet links.

      Tumblr Helps to Increase Customers, Sales

      Statistics show that out of all the social network sites online, Tumblr has become the 32nd most popular website in the world and in the past year it has grown nearly 1,000 percent! A Tumblr account can be specifically customized to meet the exact needs of a business’ target audience and thereby help customers and businesses interact and help each other get the things they need. The customers get the attention of the business so they can get their needs met and the company gets their business so they can make a profit. Everyone wins.

      Tumblr can be a fantastic method of attracting followers who will in turn reblog your business posts and thereby help a business to attract more followers that can turn into traffic to their business website and lead to more sales and of course more profit. Since Tumblr is so simple to use, it has helped many new businesses get their brand more well-known through the posting of seven kinds of media: text, audio, video, quotes, Internet links, photos, and chat.

      How to use Tumblr posts effectively

      Tumblr is different than most blogs or even other social network sites. It’s not a place to just dump some content and hope for the best. A business has to actually try to see into the heads of their followers and find content that is funny, witty, interesting and relevant all at the same time. The idea is to get some interaction going between the business and the clients, then the posts will be re-blogged and shared and in turn attract more people to see what the business has to offer.

      Take a few minutes to browse the other successful Tumblr mini-blogs and see what kind of content they are posting. Be sure to follow others in your niche who have similar likes and interests. This will help you to see what is trending and what is popular so you can come up with similar offerings for your followers and potential customers. Some of the best choices for postings include things like fun pictures involving your business, how to graphics, infographics about your business, pictures of customers using your product, etc.

      Tumblr is different than sites like Facebook or Twitter. Even though it may seem similar with short posts and an abundance of images and videos, it is actually a different kind of site. By that I mean that it’s not a place to just post your feelings or what you had for breakfast or even to post the next big sale your business is having. The way to market on Tumblr is to not market, meaning to choose to interact socially with your target audience by giving them what they need and teaching them what you can provide to meet those needs, but not doing a hard sell to get them to buy your products or services.

      Instead, focus on the demographics and the target audience for your niche and discover the things that make them smile, laugh, and get them to see your brand as the go to business for not only their need for your product or service, but to meet their need for that little laugh that gets you through the day. Link those photos and videos back to your website and so when your followers re-blog that funny photo of the CEO getting a pie in his face because the sales team sold the most and he lost a bet, your followers will laugh, re-blog it and it will get curious others to go to your site to see who you are and what your company is selling.

      The bottom line is that Tumblr can offer a business a great way to do their business in a different, yet intriguing fashion that will help it to gain loyal and happy followers who can become loyal and happy future customers.

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