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      More than half of Twitter users will follow a company or brand they recognize and nearly 70 percent of them will end up buying from that brand once they start following it. That’s why all businesses need to learn how to use Twitter effectively in their marketing strategies.

      Here are some of the best and most efficient methods that you can use in your marketing strategies:

      Stay Connected to Your Customers

      Twitter is estimated to have nearly half a million or more users and thousands more join every day. This makes Twitter a very good venue to find new potential customers and attract them to your business. You should be looking in your local area and seeing which users fit your target audience. Then, once you have chosen your followers in that area, be sure to stay connected to them.

      You can do this in several ways, including starting discussions, answering questions, posting about new products, offering exclusive discounts or sales, etc. Be quick in answering a customer’s tweets, even if it is just a thank-you. That goes a long way to impressing your customers and making them want to do business with you. Doing this will keep your customers loyal to your brand and they may also tell others about you and get you even more business and followers.

      Build customer relations With Relevant Tweets

      After you have a list of followers you must work to keep their attention. You can do this by maintaining a good relationship by posting up-to-date and relevant content in the form of tweets about what’s going on in your company. Look for interesting things happening in your niche or post some fun videos or posters highlighting what your business is doing for your customers. Be sure the content is always useful and worthwhile or you will just bore the people and that can cause you to lose followers instead of gain them.

      Generate your brand’s awareness

      If you own a small company, its vital to get some brand recognition. Everyone knows about the big brands like Apple or Microsoft, but you must put out an effort to get them to also notice your company’s name and know the products and services you offer. You can do this by making sure your Twitter profile is complete with all of your contact info, as well as a personal picture of your leader so that your customers can link a face to the name of your company. Try to think of other ways to generate brand awareness like a fun jingle or a contest or some sort of way your customers can interact and start to trust your business and want to buy from you instead of your competition.

      This can also help you monitor your brand’s reputation. You will be able to see what people are posting about your company and if necessary, respond back with additional information. Tweets travel at the speed of light and good information can make your brand awareness soar while bad info needs to be nipped in the bud so as to avoid your brand from being dragged down.

      Twitter News Travels Fast

      Twitter has become THE place to be when it comes to news updates. Breaking news is finding its way to the consumers via tweets and this trend is only going to get bigger. That’s why you have to learn to use Twitter to get out news releases on your new products, sales, contests, or any important things your customers should know. That way they can retweet that vital data and if you are lucky, it will go viral and suddenly get free advertising to millions of potential customers in seconds.

      One idea is to do things like a flash sale where only your Twitter followers will know what is going on. You can post special discounts and coupons and make it fun for your clients. That way they may invite their friends to follow your brand and that will boost your sales, as well as your reputation.

      Show Off Your Company’s New Products

      Since Twitter has recently added the ability to post photos or links to videos on sites like YouTube, Vine or Instagram, you now have the perfect way to show off a brand new product or service that your company is providing. Make an instructional video or a customer testimony about it and post it on your Twitter feed. This is a great way to get people more interested and engaged in a new product or service and can attract a lot of attention for your business.

      The bottom line is that Twitter is something your company must get involved in if you want to stay in business! Be sure to try out some of these methods to help to make your business gain in your marketing niche.

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