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      Most people who use LinkedIn know that it is a fantastic tool to use to grow their business or to help them to find a job. However, LinkedIn can also be a great platform for finding your next employee.

      LinkedIn is a professional networking site where companies can post job openings, look for prospective talent, and even check their references. All of these things save time and give you a much better chance to find the perfect employee that I fit the need for your company.

      The following are several steps to using LinkedIn to help you to get good employees for your business:

      Get Your Company Page in Order

      In order for potential employees to find out about your company, you need to create a Company Page for your business and keep it up-to-date and relevant for your business niche. A Company Page is like a resume for a business and lets potential talent read all about your company and find out if they think it is a good fit for their skills and experience.

      Millions of professional people have LinkedIn accounts and are out there searching for jobs in your industry. If you ensure that all of the data on your Company pages are attractive, current, and give a true look at what your company is and what it does, then you will likely be able to get some leads for filling open positions in your line of work.

      Make sure all the contact information such as email, phone, address, etc. is clearly there in your profile. Your potential employee needs to be able to find you, then locate the proper person to talk to about a job.

      Use Your Network to Find Employees

      Next, if you are searching for someone to fill an open position in your company, be sure to share this fact with everyone in your LinkedIn network. Tell them the kind of job you need to fill, as well as the kind of candidate you want. It’s possible that one of your contacts may know someone who is perfect for that job and can help you get in touch with them.

      Good examples to contact are your present or previous workers, old managers, other business owners, etc. Perhaps another business in our niche will remember a great candidate that they couldn’t hire because they didn’t have an opening and that person would fit what you want in an employee.

      Use LinkedIn Groups to Find Employees

      LinkedIn Groups are another great place to recruit a new employee for your open positions. Some of the people there may know candidates that would be perfect for your company and can hook you up with them so you can schedule an interview. That’s why it is vital to stay in touch with your groups and participate on a regular basis.

      Post Open Positions on LinkedIn Jobs

      Companies can also post open positions for jobs on LinkedIn Jobs. Many people are looking at these postings every day that need a job and could be perfect for your open positions. While posting a job opening on LinkedIn is not a free thing, it is well worth the cost to your company and could ultimately be cheaper in terms of more than just money since your time is valuable too. Plus, LinkedIn automatically sends out messages to individuals on LinkedIn whose experience and qualifications meet your requirements.

      LinkedIn Talent Finder Can Help Find Employees

      Another tool on LinkedIn is called LinkedIn Talent Finder. This feature on LinkedIn can help you to track down potential candidates through searches that include their experience, years in the industry, education, where they live, and other parameters. You can also check their profiles and find out if they are worth contacting to talk to them about your job openings.

      LinkedIn InMail

      LinkedIn InMail can also be used if you have a premium account. You can send messages to other LinkedIn users who you are interested in interviewing for open positions.

      Searching for Potential Candidates

      You can also simply use the LinkedIn search feature and search by using the advance people search option and searching by keywords such as location, job title, college, language they speak, or a name if you know it. If you have a premium account you can search by their current company size, years of experience, when they joined LinkedIn, etc.

      LinkedIn Recruiter

      LinkedIn Recruiter is another paid tool that allows recruiters to find talented members that could fill open company positions. It allows searching through tools like InMail, plus being able to use specialized filters to track candidates down better, and make folders that are specialized to hold potential names.

      All in all, there are indeed many LinkedIn tools that can help your company find future employees, so don’t forget to use it the next time you have unfilled positions in your business.

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