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      It’s important to make sure your website is designed so that it appears early in a search. Statistics have proven that the majority of web surfers will not go beyond the first three pages when they are looking for a website. Certainly if they don’t find what they want in the first three pages they may move forward, but if they find the product or service they seek they will choose from what appears on those pages—sometimes they will not go beyond the first page if they find what they need there. For the website owner trying to sell a product or service it means he or she must make sure their website appears very early in a web search.

      What does that really mean for a web seller? It means quite simply he must make sure his website has high rankings with the search engines so that his website will appear in the first three pages of a search. This is accomplished through a process known as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves the placement of keywords in a particular way to allow it to come up early n a web search. Many people try without success to address the issue of SEO, but it is more beneficial for your business if you hire someone who is experienced in SEO to help you optimize your website.

      For those who not familiar with SEO there is an entire process—you cannot just stuff a bunch of keywords into your website pages and think it is going to give you a high ranking. There is a certain way to accomplish and there is also a certain “density” search engines require. For instance, with Google if there is too high a density in SEO articles posted on a website they read it as spam and Google will not include that article in their searches. Likewise, if you have articles on your website that are too similar Google will read them as duplicate postings.

      Not very long ago SEO experts felt a high density was good for a website but the search engines are changing the way they read the keywords on the websites, so many people have to decrease their density to a former 3-5% to 1-2% for the most effective and highest ranking with the search engines. Most people tend to follow the pattern set by Google since it is the search engine most people choose.

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