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      Tumblr is one of the newest social media venues that Realtors should pay attention to! It is a micro blogging platform that boasts more than 90 million mini-blogs and counting, and more than 300 million visitors every day. Tumblr is like a mix of Facebook and WordPress. It allows members to post seven kinds of media: text, chat, photos, videos, audio files, quotes, and Internet links.

      Tumblr Helps Businesses Get Noticed

      All of these facts can help businesses to build their brand and get more customers if it is used effectively. However, Tumblr also has several advantages when compared to some of the other blogging platforms. For one thing, Tumblr has tagging and sharing that is built right into it so you don’t have to do it manually. That is a huge pro when you are trying to build up your business brand and get noticed by potential customers!

      Plus, Tumblr is easy to join and simple to set up your account. All that you need to do is go to their website at http://www.tumblr.com and fill in the boxes to list your company email, a desired password, and a desired Tumblr URL. Once you have your Tumblr account, you can customize it so that it’s more attractive for helping your company to get more followers. There are both free and non-free themes, or if you are savvy enough, you can use HTML and CSS code to change the look of your Tumblr blog.

      Remember Your Target Audience

      All businesses have a specific target audience that they are trying to get to follow them and to buy their products and services. This means it’s vital to know what kind of people are using Tumblr the most. Statistics from 2013 show that more than half of Tumblr users are under the age of 34, about a third are under 50, and that leaves less than 20 percent of people over 50 using Tumblr. Depending on who your business is trying to reach, these numbers are important to keep track of when you are trying to build up a brand name and get noticed.

      More than five million Tumblr users come from the United States, while nearly 10 million are international residents. If your product is sold globally, then it’s very important for your business to keep track of how your products and services are being marketed in order to reach potential customers worldwide. In addition, Tumblr appears to also attract more Hispanics and Asians than the other social media sites. Per studies done by Quantcast, about 12 percent of Tumblr users are Hispanic and about six percent are Asian.

      Post the Best Kind of Content to Attract Followers

      Statistics have also shown that certain kinds of posts get the most looks and comments on Tumblr, so it’s vital for a business to post what will give them the best chances to attract followers and potential customers. What gets the most posts on Tumblr are photos and videos. Tumblr statistics show that more than half of what is posted to Tumblr blogs involves some type of graphics, images, photos or videos.

      This is not to say that the other kinds of posts are not effective for reaching your targeted audience, but it does show that posts with some sort of graphics will win out over text only. So, businesses should be posting all kinds of photos and videos that will enhance their brand to their followers and potential customers to get the most out of their Tumblr account.

      Give the Customers What they Need, Want

      As always, a business needs to give the client what they want and need. This means posting relevant and up to date content that answers questions or presents something new and exciting about your products and services. A business needs to hook their followers into coming to see what they have posted every day, and that is done by becoming the go to business in your niche.

      Unlike some of the other social networks where you can go overboard and post too much content, Tumblr fans actively seek out posts and it’s common to see a company posting between five and 15 times a day.

      All in all, Tumblr is a fantastic media for new businesses brand awareness so that potential new customers will know that they exist and that can equal future sales and more profits.

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