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      If you are a real estate agent and are not yet on Twitter, then you are losing out on potential customer that number in the millions! That’s right. It’s estimated that more than 500 million tweets are sent out every day from all over the world and that at any one time more than a million people are logged into Twitter either reading tweets or making them. Your business needs to get in on this phenomenal social media experience so you too can start profiting from Twitter.

      Twitter is indeed gaining speed as one of the utmost popular social media platforms and it is gaining members every minute. All kinds of people, including Internet Marketers, are discovering just how easy it is to get their information out where millions of people will see it quickly and that data can spread like wildfire. It has become a very viable way for a business to advertise its products and services and to interact with their clients and potential customers.

      Why is Twitter so Popular for Businesses?

      One reason businesses are flocking to Twitter is because it’s free. That makes it very attractive in a world where marketing and advertising has gotten very expensive for businesses worldwide. But even being free, if you don’t know how to use it, Twitter isn’t going to do you much good. You need some good strategies to get the advantage of this great advertising tool. Here are some of the best ones to make your marketing efforts on Twitter successful:

      Twitter Keyword Tool

      Twitter is equipped with a keyword tool located at search.twitter.com that allows people to search the Twitter universe and find tweets that contain certain words or phrases that pertain to the type of products or services your company provides. For instance, if you are a lawyer trying to get more clients, then you could seek out keywords like “looking for a lawyer” or “need legal advice.” That would return results of conversations of people who likely need legal help and you can contact them to see if you can offer them your services.

      Keep Your Tweets Relevant and Up-To-Date

      Twitter tweets that get the most looks are the ones that contain useful and relevant content that is on the things trending in your niche. If you really want to engage potential customers and drive traffic to your business, you must post worthwhile tweets such as a link to a story about something new and exciting happening in your field of work or perhaps tweeting about a solution to one of your customer’s problems.

      Plus, it matters when you make these tweets as you want the most people to be online when you post. Most likely the best tweet posting times will be during a person’s commute to and from work, such as between about 7 to 9 am and 3-6 pm. Be sure to post several times a day, but don’t overwhelm you followers with dozens of irrelevant or worthless tweets, be sure that they all have value.

      In addition, make sure that all of your tweets are written in a professional and businesslike manner. For instance, using things like LOL is not appropriate for Twitter business conversations, and never use swear words, bad grammar or misspelled words.

      Use Other Media With Twitter

      Another great way that Twitter helps Internet Marketers is through the ability to post not only text, but also videos and pictures by using other media such as Vine or YouTube. A picture or video link can be a great advertising tool for your business that will attract potential customers to your website or blog.

      You can also link your Twitter account to your other social media accounts like Facebook or LinkedIn to get even more exposure to your website or blog. Plus, put offline strategies into play as well by printing your Twitter account URL onto your business cards, product packaging or any print advertising you put out for your company.

      Be the Business Providing the Solutions

      Another great marketing strategy is to make your business the “go to” place for getting answers your customers and potential customers need. If you notice people are commenting on a particular type of problem regarding the kinds of products or services you sell, then be sure to offer a solution if you have one. If you do this on a regular basis, then people will start following you because you have the reputation of helping them to get what they need and providing them with solutions to their concerns.

      When all is said and done, Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool for Internet Marketers and if your company doesn’t have a Twitter account, then get yourself online immediately and create one. That way you won’t be missing out on the potential of millions of followers flocking to your business to see what you have to offer.

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