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      One of the easiest ways to generate traffic and sales is to have an attractive website. This doesn’t mean you have to have animation, whistles, graphics and all kinds of clutter but rather that your website looks appealing and has some organization in its design. For example if you sell a great many products have some kind of scheme in the way you present them. If you sell furniture separate your pages by room or type of furniture rather than just putting everything up with no kind of organization. Some people who look for furniture prefer to look at it by room—living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, patio, or porch for example.

      Lack of clutter makes your website more attractive than all kinds of colorful and flashy graphics. Although there is nothing wrong with using a colorful design, you want to use it in such a way that it is attractive but doesn’t clutter your pages. For instance, don’t use animations that scroll across the page where customers are trying to browse. Make sure your color scheme and font are readable to everyone—avoid green on purple or red on pink for example. If you have doubts white or black fonts usually work quite well. Attempting to use a light font on a dark background is distracting and will not be appealing to visitors.

      Avoid using too many links and banners on one page. Even if you are part of a link exchange or placing banners because you are using a free service scatter them throughout the website and don’t crowd them into one page. Accept the fact that eventually you should obtain paid hosting and submission services so that you will not have advertising to clutter your website. Visitors will see it as unprofessional and cause your company to lose credibility. It is understandable for a start up company but once you are in business for some time your customers will expect you to spend the cash to eliminate the banners.

      Themes that contrast to the line of your products and services also make your website unattractive. This is true not only of the colors but of any music you might use on your website. Also try to keep the music toned down to match the tastes of your most discriminating customers and in most causes avoid anything very loud and boisterous.

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