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      Las Vegas is one of the world’s most enjoyable places to visit. There are casinos but there are also many shows, great shopping and many wonderful restaurants. You can spend days at this location and never see it all. If you just have a weekend and would like to venture out to Vegas, you can do so. If your budget is tight, you may need to be a bit more creative, but chances are good you will find a number of things to do and see without busting your budget.

      One of the first things to consider is flights. Flying into Vegas during the weekend is expensive (consider another time of the week if you can.) Try to look for flights with multiple stops or those that are flying in at night to save money. You could save substantially by flying in on a Thursday instead of a Friday.

      Once you find that you can afford to get to Vegas, how can you save money once you are there? There are some tricks to saving money in this environment.

      1. Put yourself on a budget for casinos. You do not have to go to the most expensive casinos to do well. Try some of the lesser-known ones to save money. In addition, limit yourself when it comes to gambling. This will save you money right off the bat.
      2. Do not eat at the casinos! This is a very expensive mistake in most cases. There are smaller diners located throughout the city that are far more expensive.
      3. Do not stay at the casinos either. This too means expensive investments. Rather, choose a condo or a hotel that is at least a few minutes outside of the main area. You could pay less for the trip this way.
      4. Buy tickets to the shows you wish to see ahead of time and online. Often, you can purchase them for far less online than you will the day of the show.
      5. Keep an eye out for discounts. For example, you may living close enough that a bus tour is possible which would cut down on the costs of flying. You may be able to save money by getting a discounted price on your hotel and get casino money to spend.

      Las Vegas has plenty to offer and there is something here for everyone. Before you arrive, plan your trip so that you do not waste your money while there. You could even go away with more than you came with.

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