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      For those who just want to get away from the everyday stresses, one way you can do this on a budget is to stay at a luxury hotel nearby. You do not need to go anywhere far away, which will save you on the gas and travel expenses. Choose a hotel that offers amenities that you enjoy, such as hot tubs, workout rooms, on site programs and shopping. That way, you never need to leave the hotel to really enjoy your weekend.

      Staying Close To Home

      When you stay close to home like this, you benefit from a lower price tag, but you do not have to sacrifice a lot to get this benefit. For example, you may have a nice luxury hotel located within 30 minutes of your home. You decide to check in on Friday night and to check out on Sunday. The hotel costs $150 a night and they provide a free breakfast both days. For that amount of money, you and your loved one can check in on Friday evening, have dinner and catch a movie in your room. Saturday you could spend getting an in house massage, spend a few hours swimming in the hotel’s pool and then do some shopping. There may be a park located nearby or a museum you wish to go to. All of this is within just a few feet for the hotel.

      Although you may not think you are getting far enough away, you can make it feel that way. Turn off your cell phones to keep you from being tempted to go back home. Make a promise not to get in the car until you check out on Sunday. Anything you do needs to be in walking distance of the hotel. As you can see, this will change your perspective of the city considerably. Moreover, it can be a lot of fun to look at the local surroundings or just hang out and talk in the lobby.

      This is an easy budget weekend idea. You do not have to pay for too much gas or spend a small fortune on renting a vehicle. You can make it even more affordable by packing snacks to take with you and store in the room. The key is just to get away. If you stay at a luxury hotel, you will feel like you are far away from the stresses at home.

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