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      All businesses need leads if they want to score new customers and get the sales they need to survive and prosper in their niche. In today’s fast paced online world, one of the ways that this is being done is through social media networks like Google Plus.

      What is a lead? A lead is a contact that ends up completing the request for contact information by filling out a form on a website or social media platform. Sometimes the website will give them something free like a report or ebook in return for this information. Businesses need as many leads as they can get in order to obtain new customers and have people to sell their products and services to that have shown an interest in the same.

      It is vital for businesses to join social networks like Google Plus so they can interact in real time with their customers and fellow business people. Being able to use social media sites to get lead generation is a new and innovative marketing scheme to get more customers, more sales and more traffic to your websites and foot traffic to your brick and mortar stores.

      How Does Google Plus Help Businesses?

      No matter the size of your business, Google Plus an help it to grow. Since its start in 2010, Google Plus has emerged as the number two social media site with more than 500 million users, and it is growing bigger every day. It has features that the other sites like Facebook and Twitter don’t such as the Google Plus hangouts, circles and communities features.

      These help members to interact more efficiently and easily through things like video chats (hangouts) and being able to sort their followers into circles where they don’t have to wade through all the postings to find what they need and want and through communities where you can share and post knowledge with similarly minded members in your field.

      Tips to Generate Leads Using Google Plus

      Make sure you have a page for your business – Make sure that you create a Google Plus page for your company. You can then send out an invite to all of the people in, for example, your customer email list, to get the word out that you are now on Google Plus. You can also put the Google +1 button on your website and use it to get contacts to endorse your business just like a “like” on Facebook helps to promote your business.

      Post Strong, Compelling Content — Posting relevant and up-to-date content in the form of compelling text, photos and videos will also help you to generate leads through Google Plus. Make sure that your content is grammatically correct and that your photos and videos are of good quality and not blurry or low resolution. If you make your content the best that it can be, then your company will grow to be the go to in your niche, which definitely works in your favor for generating new leads for your products and services.

      When sharing content on your Google Plus account, you want to get people discussing it and also to invite followers to go to your website or blog and read and discover more about the same topic. Be sure to publish a steady flow of content with several posts scattered throughout the day, instead of posting everything you have all at once. This gives readers a reason to keep coming back to your Google Plus pages and that gives more chances to get new leads because they likely will invite their own followers to check you out as well.

      It also helps if you add a personalized signature to your Google Plus posts. This is similar to a strategy some Internet marketers use in email campaigns, and it also is working well to help generate leads in Google Plus postings because it adds a personal touch and makes your customers and potential clients feel closer to your brand.

      Value helps to generate leads

      If your posts on Google Plus are giving your followers what they want and need, then it is providing value to them. Everyone wants their needs met and if this is done right, then that means you are providing facts, new data, and interesting posts on the products and services you provide, as well as about the field you work in. This “feeds” your followers and once they realize that your business can give them what they need and want, they will always come to you for that need and bring along some of their own followers as well.

      The bottom line is that Google Plus has become a vital tool for businesses to use to generate new leads and to help them to get their brand more well-known and if your business isn’t on it yet, it’s time to get the ball rolling and join in the social network platform called Google Plus today.

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