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      If you own a business then you know that getting customers and clients so that your company can sell its products and services is vital. The bottom line is making money and a business has to promote itself to customers and potential customers and form a good name for itself in its chosen niche in order to be successful.

      Tumblr is a mico-blogging platform and one of the fastest growing social networks that can help a business can do these things more effectively and easily. If your business hasn’t yet joined the Tumblr universe, then here are some things you should be aware of that will likely change your mind.

      Setting Expectations

      Prior to signing up for your Tumblr business account, you should browse around on the site to see what type of categories there are and try to discover what posts are getting the most attention. You can also check out to see if your competitors are on Tumblr too. This will help you to decide how to set up and run your own Tumblr account.

      You should also set some business objectives and goals as to how you plan to use your Tumblr account to do things like promote your brand, sell your products and services, help answer your customers’ questions, etc. Tumblr is best used by businesses to do those things, as well as to engage more with clients and become a valued expert in their niche.

      Tumblr is free, which is a great boon for any business. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t behoove a company to learn to use it well and effectively. You may not lose money if you don’t use it to your advantage, but you could be losing a great opportunity to create a stronger company through the followers you meet. With hundreds of millions of blogs and billions of posts every day, any business not signed up with Tumblr is missing a golden opportunity.

      Here are some things to make Tumblr more efficient:

      Post relevant and interesting content.

      It’s vital for businesses to post great content. If your company posts interesting and relevant photos, text, etc. about your niche, then people will start to see you as the expert in your field. This is especially true when you post not only new stuff about your company, but also if you post things like how to use one of your products, introduce your staff so they have a face to put with the name, answer customers’ questions or start interesting conversations about what is going on in that field. All of these things make people like and feel comfortable with your company, which can turn them into future customers. Plus, if you post things they like, they are sure to share it with their followers and that could also lead to more

      Tag your content

      Tumblr uses tags to identify topics, not keywords like some social networks. If you use appropriate tags to identify your posts then you will get better noticed by search engines, plus your followers can search and find the topics they are interested in as well. Plus, if it is a trending topic, it can attract other people browsing for information on that topic and that can lead to you getting more followers and more future customers.

      “Between seven and 12 tags is the optimum number that will not look like spam but will also draw a net wide enough to catch a lot of searches… and that’s the key,” Neil says, “since you want to end up in as many searches as possible.”

      Use the Tumblr User Network

      Tumblr is also a good place for a business to network by interacting with coworkers, friends, vendors and business partners. The more you interact, the more your content is likely to be shared by these known contacts and that can lead to more followers for your Tumblr blog. This is a great way to market your brand to people who don’t know you and you can share with them all about what your company can do for them.

      Make Good Use of Video Posts

      Videos are one of the most popular posts in Tumblr and can quickly go viral if used properly. If you know your audience and create an interesting and perhaps even a quirky or funny video, you could see it shared hundreds and even millions of times if you do your job right!

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