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      Twitter users are sending tweets at a rate of more than 400 million tweets every day. That equals up to millions of opportunities for a business to engage their clients or potential customers. This makes it vital for a business to have a Twitter account and to be using it effectively every day.

      But what if you aren’t sure exactly how to accomplish this? Well, here are some of the ways that your company can use Twitter more effectively so that it can benefit you in your marketing strategies:

      Create Twitter Lists

      Twitter is a huge social network platform with more than 500 million users, so it can seem like it is impossible to pin down what a business should be doing when they login to their Twitter account. However, there is a way to make your Twitter account more manageable, and that is through creating Twitter lists.

      This means that you are going to go through your follower list and separate them into beneficial categories so that you can use them efficiently to put out news and information on your business. You can group them into categories like your coworkers, or those clients who have purchased one of your products, potential customers, or anything else that applies to your situation.

      Monitor Your Followers

      It is also a good idea for you as a business to know what is going on in the lives and activities of your followers. That way you will be available to comment on their tweets, as well as help solve any issues that pop up or read what they are talking about regarding your company or maybe even your competitors.

      Some of the tools for making monitoring easier include HootSuite, Google Alerts or TweetDeck. All of these tools are free and let users monitor tweeter streams to keep up with what is going on. You can do this by searching for specific keywords or hashtags that you want to track that apply to your business. You just have to use these valuable tools to set up appropriate alerts so that you can be notified.

      Involve Your Followers in Discussions

      If you want to engage your clients and potential clients, then be sure to get your followers involved in your discussions. You need to make the tweets you send worthwhile and up-to-date so that they will want to interact with you and talk about the trend or new product or whatever it is that you want to talk about. Be sure the subject is actually relevant and exciting enough to warrant a discussion and this could help your business to get more attention and grow your brand.

      Involve Your Followers

      What about getting your followers to actually do your advertising for you? If one of your clients has a video or picture of themselves using your product and wants to post it, then take them up on it if it’s a good one. This way you can retweet their picture or video and both make them feel special and get some free advertising for your products or services at the same time. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients and can win you some future customers if it goes viral.

      In fact, your business could go one step further and come up with a contest where customers submit photos or videos to you and you let them vote on which ones are the best. That will really get things going and help you to grow your brand. You can offer some sort of free product or service to the winner. It will be very worth the effort!

      Put Out A Survey on A New Product

      You can also use Twitter as a way to find out what your customers are thinking about one of your new products or services by putting a link to a survey. Then you get lots of feedback in a quick fashion and can use it to make any needed improvements or changes to what you are doing. It could lead to other things such as having discussions on the products and getting their opinions on the things you can do to meet your customer’s needs.

      Have Fun During the Holidays

      Let your followers know that your business likes to show off its holiday spirit by posting holiday related tweets on the holidays. No matter what holiday it is, you can make a little video with your business people wishing your customers a Merry Christmas or Happy 4th of July or whatever. It’s sure to get some reactions from your customers and spark some good will for your brand. Followers love to get involved with holiday activities and it’s a prime time to promote a sale or a new product.

      So, take a hint and be sure to learn how to use Twitter effectively so your business will continue to grow and thrive by following the above suggestions.

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