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      The objective of all businesses is to make a profit and to do that it must generate leads. With billions of page views on Tumblr every day, there are likewise billions of chances that your business will get the leads it needs to make money with Tumblr.

      Statistics show that Tumblr is growing bigger every day with more than 120,000 blogs joining daily. More than half of the users are under the age of 35, so if your business is after that target audience, then you have a great opportunity that you just can’t say no to. So, if you want to interact with a young audience who’s into all the latest things online and off, here are some ways that Tumblr can help your business to generate leads that can turn into profits:

      Be sure to use images in your Tumblr posts

      Tumblr is a very graphic intensive media and that means that businesses should choose all their images carefully to get the best reactions from their followers. For example, if you post pictures or videos of your new products or of happy customers interacting with your employees, etc., or find a funny photo related to your niche, it is bound to get you the attention you need to get leads that can turn into future customers.

      Photos and videos are some of the top posts that followers reblog too, which can get your images shared even more. Good photos and videos will help to promote your brand and build up your loyalty to your current fans and potential ones with the right kind of posts. This is especially true if you always link your photos or videos to your product website, as this gets you more traffic that can turn into customers.

      Why do these kinds of posts help you to get leads? Because people don’t like pushy old-fashioned sales pitches. They prefer to see the merchandise or be educated on what’s going on in the niche and then they can decide for themselves. If your merchandise meets their needs, then the photos or videos can spark some conversations that will eventually lead to more followers and more potential leads.

      Make sure your posts are full of personality to get loyal fans

      Research has shown that customers love it when a brand shows its personality and acts like a human being instead of just a business. Posting cute niche related photos or jokes is one way to get that interaction with your followers and make them want to buy your products and services. For instance, cat memes are super trendy these days, so if you post a cute or funny photo of a cat somehow interacting with one of your products, such as someone wearing a t-shirt you sell and holding a cute little kitten.

      You are bound to get replies back saying how cute the kitten is or something about how they have one just like it, and then you can somehow relate that back to your t-shirt. If your followers know that you will give them some humor in their lives, they will continue to suggest that others follow you too and some of these followers are bound to turn into leads that generate future sales.

      Make your followers feel like they are part of your business “family”

      Another way to get interaction with your customers and potential customers is to give your followers information on how things work behind the scenes at your company. For instance, the NBA Tumblr account shows their followers exclusive scenes from the players not shown anywhere else and one of the well-known restaurants in New York has a Tumblr account where they post videos on how to make some of the food they sell. It’s a win win for both customers and business owners. It hooks the customers and gets them to reblog your posts and that can turn into leads and potential customers.

      The bottom line is that Tumblr offers a unique platform for business brands. It gives them the chance to influence a specific targeted audience, effortlessly post photos and videos, and be able to strengthen the relationship between their company and their customers.

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