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      Getting a weekend away is a lot of fun but the costs can really be limiting for many people. One of the largest costs associated with a short trip away is the cost of flying. You may want to take that quick trip out to Las Vegas or would love to spend the weekend on a Caribbean island. The problem is, the cost of flying is just too high to make this an affordable trip. Instead of going somewhere where you have to fly to get there, look closer to home, where you can get to the location by driving instead.

      Most people will have various locations that are within three to four hours of a drive. That may seem like a lot but it only takes a few short hours to be in a completely different world than you are used to. That could be just the break you need. You may be wondering about gas prices. The good news is that gas prices have fallen considerably and therefore you can likely count on paying far less for a three or four-hour car ride than in the last five to eight years.

      What is located close enough to you? You may not even realize there are so many great opportunities out there. The good news is that there are some great opportunities available in most cases. Get out the map and look at the cities that are located in about a three to five hour drive from your home. Is there a major city? If so, there are likely museums, plenty of great shopping, lots of sporting events and other great entertainment options there.

      Perhaps there is not a large city near to you. Rather than going farther away, look at a few of the smaller cities. Look up the entertainment and attractions in those cities online. You may be impressed to know that even these smaller cities still have so much to offer to you. You do not have to go far to find historical locations that you may have missed every other time.

      As you consider the many ways that you can spend the next weekend, keep in mind that the cost of flying make limit your choices in far away locations, but nearby you are sure to have more than a few destinations to check out. You may never have visited these locations before. Now is the perfect time to set out on a budget weekend of travel.

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