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      A century ago, train travel was all the rage. There are so many different modes of transportation today that most people do not even realize that train depots are still available. Trains, including passenger trains are still available throughout most of the country. For those who are looking for a way to spend the weekend, consider a budget weekend trip that takes you out into the countryside on board a train.

      Where Can You Go?

      Train trips can take you to various locations around North America. You may not be as limited as you believe. Depending on where you live, you could have multiple choices to choose from. Here are some ideas to consider.

      • Take a train trip into the Grand Canyon. There are trains that travel from the surrounding area to and throughout the Grand Canyon area. Imagine seeing the Grand Canyon the way that others did.
      • A trip to the national parks of the Wild West could be another option. This can be an exciting train trip and one that you will definitely enjoy the history of. In addition, you can often see some of the wonders of the west this way.
      • Canadian train tours are also available. For those that live in the northern portions of the country, train trips throughout Canada can be an excellent way to see the countryside. These can take you from one side of the country to the next, into the wilderness and even towards the more populous eastern portion of the country.
      • The Rocky Mountains are another place to train through by rail. You can enjoy the various trails including visiting the Rockies through Crowsnest, Banff, and many others.

      There are also a number of rail trips available for other areas of the world, including those found in China, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. You may be able to take these train trips, from country to country, within just a weekend.

      For those who are looking for a break from the normal travel modes and the hectic style of life, take a step onto a train. Luxury trains are also available, for those who are looking for a more enjoyable trip. You are likely to find yourself mesmerized by everything that is going on past you out the window. With good friends, this could be an amazing trip you will remember for the rest of your life.

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