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      When it comes to using social media sites like Tumblr, they can be a great help to a business if used correctly. However, if they are used unwisely, then they can also cause a business to fail, so it’s vital to read and heed the following Dos and Don’ts of the Tumblr platform:

      Tumblr Dos

      Do Know Who Your Audience Is

      All businesses have a particular targeted audience that they are aiming their products and services to. The posts made on Tumblr should reflect the needs of your company’s specific audience, so you should always post relevant and up to date content that reflects your company and how it wants to reach its target market.

      Do Always Answer Your Messages

      If you get a message from a follower or even a non-follower on your Tumblr account, it should be answered right away. This shows that you are responsive and that you are paying attention to what goes on via your Tumblr account. It will show that you are willing to interact and that goes a long way with both customers and potential customers.

      Do Know What Kind of Content Is Best

      Statistics have shown that people like posts with photos, graphics or videos of some sort better than text only posts. Always post the things that will help your customers to get the data they need on your products and services, as well as new things going on in your niche.

      Do Follow Other People on Tumblr

      It’s a great idea to find other businesses or people in your niche or those who are interested in the same things and follow them. Do a search for Tumblr blogs that relate to your niche and have lots of followers and follow them, as it can help you to get more ideas as well.

      Do Be Polite and Courteous

      It’s always a good idea to be polite and courteous in all your posts. No one wants to read posts where someone just brags about their accomplishments or someone who bad mouths others. Instead, just be polite and responsible in all that you post.

      Do Keep Track of Popular Topics

      Followers want to be kept current with the things that are trending in your niche. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a look at the Tumblr explore page to see the popular things in the Tumblr World. It’s possible that something related to your blog could end up on the popular list and if so, you will want to find things on that topic to post.

      Tumblr Don’ts

      Don’t Be Shy

      If you truly want to get the attention of your customers and attract potential customers, then you have to be willing to post several times a day. You must also be able to respond to discussions in a natural way and in a conversational way. You can’t get followers by being shy.

      Don’t Overlook Tagging

      Each time you post onto Tumblr be sure to add some tags so that your post can be found easier. This way you can attract people looking for information on certain topics, i.e. tags like new product or the name of your product, etc.

      Don’t Use Tumblr The Same Way as Twitter!

      Tumblr isn’t meant to give followers instant gratification like Twitter is. This means that you don’t have to post every few minutes to be able to interact with your followers and give them the information they want or need. Instead, thing it out and be sure to give them worthwhile content that is worth the wait.

      Don’t Beg People to Follow You

      It doesn’t look very professional if someone is always pleading with you to follow them. Instead, just get followers naturally by looking for others who have similar beliefs, are related to your niche, are already your customers, etc.

      Don’t Re-blog Every Post

      While it’s very interesting to reblog some of the content that you find that is related to what’s going on in your niche or has some other significance, it’s annoying to keep reading the same things over and over again. So only reblog the best of the best of the other posts that you find like good deals, current news, funny niche related jokes, etc.

      Don’t List Too Many Tags

      Tags are important on Tumblr to help separate specific post subjects, but there is such a thing as putting too many tags onto a post. However, it’s only necessary to put one or two tags on a single post, not 10 or 20 or some other number that will only serve to annoy people.

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