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      Many website owners have no intention of selling their website. Hopefully, it is making you enough money that you plan to stick with it. However, there are often times when you just cannot say no to the lucrative offer that come in. For those who are looking for ways to estimate the value of their website, the good news is that there are free tools available that will do this for you. But, before you sell it, consider what could help to improve your website’s value first.

      The following are a few ways that you can improve your website’s worth. Even if you have no intention of selling it right now, these are all ways to improve the overall experience of your visitor too.

      1. What is in your name? A quality domain name is critical to a well performing website. If your domain name is weak or hard to remember, chances are good that you will not get repeat visitors often. Ensure your domain name is clearly understood.
      2. Determine the amount of advertising revenue you have coming in. Are you making enough, or anything? If you update the quality of your advertising, you will attract better traffic and in turn more profit. Though it can take some time to earn those higher paying advertising dollars, be sure that your advertising is point on.
      3. What about your page rank? Everyone knows the importance of ranking well in search engines, but have you done enough to get to that top position? If not, this is one area you will want to work on improving. When you do, chances are good you will see more traffic and more sales or profit.
      4. The website’s design also plays a role in the effectiveness of the website and in turn its worth. Is the design shoddy or does it attract visitors? Many websites can benefit from touching up their formatting and layout, too.
      5. Have you build a solid base of regular visitors to the website? This will increase your profits and your website’s worth. Use email marketing and other forms of marketing to grow your repeat visitors.

      Doing these things will greatly improve your website’s worth. In turn, they also will benefit your traffic numbers and your visitors in general. Spend some time analyzing your website’s current worth so that you can spot areas where you can improve. Website improvement is possible for most websites.

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