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      Have you noticed that your direct competitor is getting more traffic than you are? Perhaps you are both part of the same forum and you are both sharing the same clientele. You know they are getting more business and traffic than you are. What is going on? You are implementing all the right things but for some reason they are still doing better. There are many reasons for this to happen and everyone should realize that there is always someone else out there who could be doing better than you. Why is that?

      Look at some of the most common reasons why your competitor may be doing better than you are. What you may find is that it can be incredibly helpful to know what it takes. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

      1. How old is your business? Age plays a role in the Internet. Websites that are older are going to have a natural advantage over new ones. In other words, you may just have to be patient and let your website grow with age.
      2. Are you marketing your website the same ways? If your competitor has a leg up on your in the marketing department, this is a good reason why they are doing better than you are. Check their website. Do you see banner advertising? Are they using pay per click advertising?
      3. Is your website fully optimized? Look to your competitor’s website and ask the all-important question: what keywords are they optimizing for? This could be a good reason why you are losing traffic, especially if you do not have any pages dedicated to those areas.
      4. Is your website appealing and easy to navigate? If it is easy to find information on their website and it is difficult at yours this could be a reason behind the problem. Most people will not realize their website is aesthetically poor because they may like the design. However, ask friends to review it to get a true opinion.
      5. Do you get repeat visitors? There are various ways to keep your traffic coming in but the most beneficial resource for sales growth is in the return visitor. Are you using an email marketing campaign to bring them back? Do you have any way of knowing if they are coming back?

      Each of these areas may help you to analyze the effectiveness of your competitor, which in turn can point to holes or flaws in your own website.

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