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      Do you have a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website? If not, you are not alone, especially if you are a small business owner. But, this one website can do several things for your website. You may believe there are no questions about your website or about your topic. After all, it is all contained in your pages. But, this page can do a variety of things for your website. More so, even simple websites can help improve their customer’s experience at the website with this simple page of information.

      FAQ Reasoning

      Why do you need a Frequently Asked Questions page?

      1. You answer their questions so they do not have to ask. If you wait for a client to send an email to ask a question, then there are a few days before you get back to it…chances are good they have found the information someplace else or are no longer interested. FAQ pages provide key information right away.
      2. You increase your professional and credibility by including these pages in your website design. It becomes important for a website owner to provide their readers with valuable content, but this page helps to answer the question: Who is this business?
      3. You set the tone for your business. For example, your FAQ section may state what the customer can expect from you, such as delivery times, product warranties or other information they need to buy from you. Many people want as much information as possible before they will invest in your business.
      4. Of course, having a FAQ section also makes your job easier. Improve your website by including this page in its design. You will see that you are spending less time actually answering the same question time and time again from different customers. This speeds up your profitability.

      Why Does This Improve Your Website?

      Besides the reasons listed above, several other benefits come from this website improvement. This page will state who your business is and what it offers. This page can tell people any of the limitations or claims you make. This is also a good place to clarify any misleading or confusing information on your website.

      If your website does not have one, consider upgrading or improving your website to have a Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are unsure what questions to answer, ask your readers or use your emails to help you to create this list.

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