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      There are many niche sites that have various acronyms and terms that most every day people are not familiar with. If you were a doctor, putting up a website for other doctors, it makes sense to include these types of terms, since they are easily understood by all parties. But, if your goal is to reach the average person, using this type of language is ineffective and can cause a number of people to look the other way.

      This goes beyond just medical terminology.

      • Do you talk about products in acronyms or perhaps in abbreviations?
      • Do you talk about legal terminology?
      • Are you talking about stocks and bonds?
      • Do you share electronic features and functions without explaining them?

      These are just a few of the many instances when the reader just will not know what you are saying. Assume you know nothing about your niche topic. Read through your website’s content and then ask yourself how effective it is for the entire audience you have. What does the language on your website convey to your readers?

      Part of using the right language is understanding who your audience is. If your audience is a large group of highly educated people, you may not need to define all terms you use. On the other hand, if you hope to convince someone new to the industry to buy or to invest in it, you should write in clear, concise language that gives people the explanation they need.

      Tips for Improvement

      Here are some tips that can instantly increase your website’s success. Use effective language.

      1. Avoid using any acronyms or abbreviations in the content. If you do need to use them, after the first instance of using them, explain them. This educates the reader enough to follow the contents going forward.
      2. Use advanced vocabulary sparingly if at all. There is often no need for highly technical or stellar vocabulary to be on your website. In fact, most people expect the web to be more readable than a dictionary.
      3. Improve your spelling and grammar. This is definitely going to enhance your overall credibility with your reader. If you are unsure of your content right now, spend a few minutes and have it professional proofread and edited. It will pay off.

      Improving these three aspects in regards to language will greatly increase your effectiveness. Best of all, it helps you to look good in the eyes of the reader.

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