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      As you consider the various ways to improve your website, don’t fail to notice the importance of an effective, easy to use and well defined landing page. Let’s say that someone searches for a product and ends up at your landing page. Will it be enough to get them to sign up or will it simply not provide them with anything appealing? Even if you have had a professional design your landing page for you, it is also an important step to ensure the page is doing its best for you.

      Take a look at your landing page. Does it have what it takes to win over your readers? Here are some areas where you may find problems.

      • Does your landing page tell your readers to take action? One of the biggest drawbacks that people have is the lack of providing clear direction. Does your landing page tell people what to do clearly? You may want to them to buy something, to sign up for something or to click on a link. You need to ask for this. “Sign up here.”
      • Does your landing page make a point and tell the reader why they need this? Playing off the emotions is something that salespeople have been doing for decades if not longer. You need to communicate why they need what you are offering by specifically making a point. Why do they need what you are offering?
      • It should be direct rather than long winded and boring. If you want to provide information that is great, but you should not overdo it since this will simply cause the reader to have more opportunities to turn away. For example, if you are showing the top ten reasons why they need your product, be sure to through a few links to sign up throughout the entire document rather than just at the end. Otherwise, they are unlikely to get to the bottom of the page for your call to action.

      The landing page is an important part of any website. It is here that it is most appropriate to sell to your readers. More so, this is the ideal place to communicate your message clearly. If you have not done so yet, take the time to update your landing page to truly reflect what you need and want. It is such an important part of your website that overlooking these changes could cause a number of problems for you down the road.

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