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      As a business owner you may or may not be familiar with the social media site Tumbr. Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that is gaining speed quickly with more than 150 million blogs signed up with Tumblr and more are joining every day. Statistics like that show that all businesses big or small should definitely be using Tumblr to help promote their brand and their company image.

      Here are some of the best reasons why a business should be using Tumblr:

      Tumblr Connects Businesses with Customers

      In order to interact with clients, a business needs an appropriate venue that allows customer and business owners to actually talk to one another. Tumblr does just that by allowing businesses to reach their clients through their posts while allowing customers to post back and start a discussion. Business owners can answer questions from customers, post a photo or video on a new product, chat with followers, and post interesting text content on what’s going on in their niche.

      It’s Perfect to Help Build Your Brand

      Whether or not you are the CEO of Apple or IBM or you own a mom and pop grocery store down the block, you can use Tumblr to help promote your brand and grow your customer bank! Even a local company can start off by getting followers from the people they already know and deal with and then move on to even more followers when these loyal fans start helping you to promote your image. Tumblr can easily help even a small business get sudden national notice if some sort of posting goes viral. So, use Tumblr wisely and get out the data on your company and soon your business could become a household word.

      Tumblr gives the company a chance to tell the world who they are and what kind of products and services they sell in a way that gets it out quicker, yet entices the followers to check them out either on their websites or in person at a brick and mortar location.

      Tumblr Helps Businesses Expand Their Reach

      Some of the businesses who are already using Tumblr say that it is a tool that helps you to build your company brand through using it to expand on the content already posting in their websites, regular blogs, or their Facebook or Twitter accounts. It further helps them to engage their customers and therefore get a return on this investment by those customers going to their website, for instance, to get more information on something they saw posted in Tumblr.

      It also helps a business communicate better and gives the customers an easy venue to voice their concerns or ask a question they may not want to do while shopping on the website or even going to the brick and mortar stores. This is because customers feel that the business owner is more responsive on Tumblr and see it as a social hub to discuss issues and concerns.

      Tumblr helps to reach the under 35 Crowd

      Selling products and services is all about reaching your targeted audience. If a business has a targeted audience of people below the age of 35, then Tumblr can definitely be a great business tool to help them get more customers. Statistics show that more than half of Tumblr visitors every day are under the age of 35. This means that if a company is selling something popular in that age bracket, they would be crazy not to sign up for Tumblr and therefore have another venue to promote their products and services to their targeted audience.

      Feedback is Instantaneous

      If a business owner gets into a discussion with a client on Tumblr, they both get instant gratification with answers. There is no waiting for snail mail or no letter getting stuck on the wrong person’s desk. If your customer needs an answer to a problem, you can immediately reach out to help them by posting a video on how to use a product or just by acknowledging their concern and telling them you will find a way to fix it. This builds customer loyalty and can get those happy clients talking about your business in a positive fashion, which could attract more followers and potential customer to you through word of mouth.

      So, all business owners should keep in mind that Tumblr is more than just another social media or blogging site, it is a community where clients and business owners can interact, share, and follow each other, which helps them both get what they need.

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