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Boosting Phone Calls with QR Codes

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      If you are a business which relies on phone calls to generate business, you will be pleased to know that you can use QR codes to your advantage.

      Here’s how:

      Business Cards

      Are you regularly distributing business cards to potential clients? Well, add a QR code on your business card. This way, they can scan it and save your phone number in their contacts right away.
      As you may know, the vast majority of business cards are filed away never to be seen again. No matter how much somebody wants to get in contact with you, it is highly unlikely that they are going to thumb through their business card rolodex to find your card once it’s buried – especially a “potential” client.

      It is also unlikely they will take the effort to manually add your company’s information into their phone. This is where you make things easy for them. You can create a QR Code that includes your name, company name, phone number, and address. All they need to do is scan it and save it to their phones.

      ‘Scan to Call’

      Let’s say you have distributed a flyer that is of interest to a particular group of people. The flyer catches their eye and they swear to themselves that they are going to call you later. Sounds fantastic, right? Well, not quite.

      Most people who promise themselves to call you later won’t. They won’t even remember you after putting that flyer down no matter how interested they are in the services that you offer. This is where QR codes come into play.

      At the bottom of the page you could include a QR code with a call-to-action that says something like “scan this to call us right now.” There’s absolutely no need for them to dial your number because when they scan it, their phone will call you immediately.

      You will be surprised at how effective this is to get more people to call you.

      Remember; as with all QR codes, just be sure that your call-to-action is clear so people know exactly what is going to happen when they scan that code. This way, there are no surprises.
      As a business owner, getting more phone calls is often a top priority. But as you may already know, it is not an easy task most of the time. Incorporating simple QR codes into your marketing can help.

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