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10 Golden Backlink Sources for Realtors to Dominate Your Competition

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      Real Estate SEO Backlink Sources To Win On Google:

      What’s the biggest difference between real estate websites that are getting traffic from Google and those that aren’t?

      It is usually backlinks.  

      Real Estate SEO backlink building is where you get links to your website from other websites.  The simplest way of understanding them is to imagine the internet as a big, old popularity contest.

      Remember in High School when you voted for Student Senate? The person with the most votes won, right? And that person typically was very popular.

      Google’s whole business model is predicated on giving it’s ‘customers’ what they want.  They have to give searchers the most useful and popular content.

      One (of the 200+…) ways they measure what’s popular is simply calculating the number of backlinks to a site.  For example, Facebook has over 32,348,008,110 backlinks. That’s pretty legit. For your business, you need to focus on building your real estate seo backlink portfolio.

      Facebook Backlinks

      However, Google is pretty smart and also knows when you’re backlinks are faked or spammy.  You can easily get these off of a site like: or The Warrior Forum.

      These types of links used to work.

      But now they are easily tracked by Google.

      Disclosure: Today, I’m going to show you the top 10 ways realtors can INSTANTLY get quality backlinks to their website.  This is different than our Realtor Facebook Ads Course in that most of these are free tactics.

      These are not going to be boring old tactics about blog comments or building link pyramids to your website.  I’m going to give you 10 actionable real estate seo backlink building tactics you can use to get found today!

      1. Give to Local Charities. Buil Real Estate SEO Backlink.

      Local charities are a great place to find websites in your city/region that link out to other websites. A good way to do this is to offer to sponsor their website.

      For example, name the top 10 charities you know in your city.  Contact them over the phone and offer to sponsor their website expenses for the whole year.  This will cost you probably $5 a month for hosting and maybe $15 a year for the domain.  You could even give them a little extra for some design if you’d like.

      Most charities have never had someone offer this to them before, and it is just logical that somewhere on that website it will say: “Sponsored by XYZ Agent.”  This link to your website will do great things.

      Google gives specific weights to various links.  Links that are based in the same geographic location as you are worth more.  Local charities will have the same location as you and their link to your website will be really trusted by Google. This trust will boost your Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Trust scores that you can research on sites like and  They are way better than links.

      Secondly, people readily link to charities.  It’s just a natural thing to do.  Thus, the charity will have a great backlink profile already that will help boost the effectiveness of the link to your website.

      PS: I’m not suggesting that you should only donate for the ‘link’ benefit.  Please consider the cause as well when donating.  I’m just talking about real estate seo backlink building strategies right now so we are viewing this only through that lens.

      2. Links from your strategic business partners:

      In a previous post, I suggested providing value to people on your email list by giving them coupons to local restaurants that you’ve partnered with.  A local restaurant owner will 9 times out of 10 love you for promoting them to your 1000’s of email list subscribers.  Part of the exchange between your businesses could also include a link back to your website.

      Once again, this real estate seo backlink will be based in your local community and look fantastic to Google.  The restaurant owner could even include a keyword in the link for an added bonus. Keywords included in a link coming from a site based in your community is a very powerful thing for your website.

      The key to this strategy is providing an insane amount of value up front to the other business owner.  Perhaps, you always give your clients gift cards to their restaurant. And twice a year you promote them to your followers with a special coupon.

      You’ve already given them so much that asking for a real estate seo backlink seems like nothing.

      A problem you might run into is the owner not knowing how to add the link to their site.  You can offer to do the work for them or write out the code they have to place on their site for them.

      3. Give Testimonials For A Real Estate SEO Backlink

      A simple search on Google will review a few websites that have testimonials on them in your local area.

      You have a plumber that you use, right? Google: “plumber [YOUR CITY] testimonial”.

      You’ll find a ton of websites nearby that have reviews listed on them and most of them link out to the person who left the review.  If your current plumber doesn’t have a page like this, suggest that they make one and give them their first review. This will get you a great real estate SEO Backlink and help you Google rankings.

      Here is an example I found near me, it took 1 minute to find:

      Testimonials For A Real Estate SEO Backlink

      You can easily do this for 10 industries that you regularly interact with. This will give your site several links back to it for a very low cost. Business owners love reviews and will readily provide a high quality real estate seo backlink to your website if you give them one.

      4. Fiverr Honest Blogger Backlinks

      Fiverr is basically the black market for internet marketing. Everything that is spammy and could hurt your websites SEO can be purchased there.  In fact, I think I’ve already complained about their SEO services several times in this article.

      You can find quality links on this site however. Here is the technique I use to do this:

      Go to and search “guest post real estate” or “real estate content post”

      Fiverr Honest Blogger Backlinks

      This will give you a list of website owners that are willing to include content and a link back to your website. You’ll have to write something over 300 words for them to post, but it is a very painless way to get a backlink to your website.

      Be sure to only purchase gigs that look like a real person is simply offering the opportunity to guest post.  You will want to stay away from anyone that offers ‘link building’, ‘link pyramids’, etc.  These types of gigs can really get you in trouble with Google.

      5. HARO

      HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and it is a free service.  You will receive an email 3 times a day from HARO and each email will include various requests for experts to give an opinion to a report.  Real Estate Agents are sought after by reporters about 3 times a week in my experience.

      Here is the email HARO sent out today, it included 1 request for a Real Estate Agent to share their experience about picking a CRM.


      As you can see, it is pretty easy to help that reporter out.  You can write for about 10 minutes and then send off an email to that reporter with your advice.  This is a great way to get AMAZING links back to your website.

      6. Sponsor Schools

      The best type of link you can get to your website is a .EDU link. These links are trusted very highly by Google and are sometimes hard to get.  One strategy towards obtaining these links is through sponsorship.

      Typically, you can find a sports team, music ensemble, or club that needs sponsors for their extracurriculars.  More often than not, these groups also have a blog or section on the website that they control and update regularly.

      You’d be surprised how much love the $50 you donate to your high schools local Shakespearean Club can get you!

      Most of the time, even a donation of $25 is enough to get a link off the website.  The trick here is to email the person directly in charge of the club and ask about sponsorship opportunities.  Most of the time, they will not have a formalized process. This gives you the ability to suggest a dollar amount and the link exchange.

      7. Out-of-business Link Building

      This link building tactic is based on you knowing the business community around you.  Do you know a business that recently went under?

      That business had a website and probably had several sites linking to them.  You can email the people that used to link to their website and suggest they ‘update’ their information by linking to your site. You are helping the webmasters keep their content updated while also helping your own site.

      It’s very easy to find websites that were linking to the company that went out of business by going to Google.

      Simply search for: “Link:”+”URL of Company”

      You will quickly have a list of websites that linked to that other company’s site.

      A second tactic you can use involves reproducing the content the ‘out-of-business’ site had.  You’ll want to make that content slightly better. This way it’s even harder for website owners to say no to your request.  Not only are they linking to an ‘old’ website, they’re linking to a ‘worse’ website.

      8. Partner with local newswriters

      HARO works at a national level, but your local writers can use some help too.  I suggest connecting as many local writers on LinkedIn.  You can then easily message them and keep tabs on what they are writing about.

      Do not ‘pitch’ them the second they connect with you. Rather, send them your best articles that you write on your blog and suggest that you’d love to collaborate on them should the need ever arise.

      The need will arise.  We live in a 24/7 live news world. That puts an incredible amount of pressure on reporters.  They need to always be producing so much unique content even when writers block sets in.  You will get more mentions off of very credible websites this way.  You can even ‘guest post’ for some newspapers if you have quality content. This will usually get you at least 1 real estate seo backlink.

      9. Poster Child

      Remember that kid in school who was the teachers pet? Well, it’s time to become that person and get some real estate seo backlink.

      Your CRM provider, mentor, and agency all have one thing in common.  They have a website with tons of authority and need testimonials.  If those people have helped you out, tell them about it. Email them once a week showing them how you are integrating what they taught you.

      You’d be surprised how few people actually do this.  These people need content and social proof that their product or service works.  And they will most likely link back to you via a blog or testimonial.

      Simply, email them once a week and share your developments with them.

      This tactic will not only give you a boost in your Google rankings and give you a real estate seo backlink. It will give you quality referral traffic too.

      10. Submit to Audio Sharing Sites and Grow Your Real Estate SEO Backlink

      There are two main types of links you can get online.  “Do-Follow” and “No-Follow’ links.  Most of the links from social networks and local listing pages (Yelp, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps) are “no-follow” links.  These profiles are great for helping your customers find you. However, Google’s official position on them is that they do not impact your SEO. Real Estate SEO Backlink posts that are do-follow, however, greatly help your SEO.

      All the tactics outlined above help you get do-follow links to your website.  There are a few Audio Sharing Sites that will give you a fantastic do-follow link just for creating a profile.

      Share to get my personal list of HIGH PR and DA/PA Do-follow Audio Linking Websites: (PR5) (PR5) (PR6) (PR7)

      Simply, record 5 minutes of audio with your kids and upload it to the profile you create these websites.  Be sure to place your real estate URL in your profile so that you get the nice link from these highly ranked websites. You will see great results from acting on this real estate seo backlink building activity.

      Side note: You do need to actually make and post audio on your profile. Or you will be banned from the music sharing networks. And that’s no good for building a real estate SEO backlink.

      Conclusion – Real Estate SEO Backlink Building

      Buildling real estate seo backlink counts is a time consuming task that pays FANTASTIC dividends in the future.  Doing all 10 of these link building tips will get you on the first page of Google in a very short time.

      Take action today and start building out your link profile!

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