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      Press releases are yet another way that you can use SEO for your website. Like everything else that you write and distribute online, the press releases should be search engine optimized with keywords. You will want to follow some of the same rules when it comes to keywords and density as you did for the articles marketing with some differences.

      Just as there are free article hubs to distribute articles for online, there are also free sites that will allow you to distribute press releases. A press release is a promotional writing about your company that comes off like a news article. You should have something new or exciting that you are announcing in your press release that makes it “news” worthy.

      Using the shoes example again, one of the titles for a good press release would be “Fall Ushers In New Styles In High Heeled Shoes.” As is the case with other products that you write for online venues, you want to use the keywords that you have chosen in the title of the press release.

      Your press release should be timely and current. It can relate to a special sale that you are having or new arrivals that are not even really “new.” You can use your imagination to make just about anything on your site seem to be new and exciting.

      You have to follow the submission rules for press releases just as you would for article marketing. Press releases have to have the city and state where you are writing from as well as the name of your company. Unlike articles where you put a live link into a resource box, you can provide the link at the end of the press release along with other information, such as an 800 number if you have one.

      There are not as many free press release sites where you can post your press releases as there are article marketing sites, but there are many free sites to use. You can do a Google search to find a press release site or free sites where you can distribute your free press releases. You can distribute the same press release to more than one site.

      You should make your press release sound like a news article, complete with quotes in the article that will make it sound more authentic. The press release should be written in the third person but quote the owner of the company or some other executive in first person. If you do not want to use your name in the press release, you can use a false name. You want to be consistent when you are writing your press releases and using names.

      While you can punch up a promotional angle when you are writing a press release, you still want to keep the piece informative. You should use the same SEO rules when you are distributing a press release as you would when you are distributing a news article. Make sure that you do not go overboard with the keywords.

      Again, the purpose of using the free press release distribution using SEO is to distribute more links online. The more links that you distribute, the more your site will rise in ranking in the search engine results pages. As you want to continue to make your site rise high in the search engines, you will want to take advantage of all of the opportunities there are online to raise your rankings. Press releases should be used just as article marketing should be used for SEO content.

      You also have the chance of someone seeing your press release online and then contacting your company about the offer. If you have a limited time offer for your product, you should note this in the press release. Unlike articles, press releases are dated. They can be a free way to promote a special sale that you have coming up or to hail in a new product or service.

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