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60 Seconds To Leads With Just Sold Marketing & Facebook

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      Raise your hand if you’re frustrated with the amount of clients you generate from Facebook.

      (Come on…admit it. I get 35+ emails about this every week.)

      But why do agents struggle with Facebook adsBecause, everyone does the same thing.

      Does this sound familiar? 

      1. You get a CMA tool.
      2. You setup ads that say “Get Your Home Value For Free”.
      3. You see it costs you $20-40 per lead on Facebook
      4. You shut down the ads?

      The reason these leads are so expensive is because you’re running ads to a “Free Home Report Tool.”

      Pause your “real estate” brain for a second. And ask yourself…

      Does the average person on Facebook really care about this?

      The answer is no!

      Look at this:

      just sold

      People like, comment, and engage with things on Facebook that are interesting to them!

      …and what’s one way to do that?

      You can tease them with a Just Sold ad about a house in their neighborhood.

      Think about it:

      Just sold postcards have worked for years.

      But now people are on Facebook.

      Can you take this proven marketing tactic and morph it for a social world? Of course.

      (PS: Don’t have listings? This also works great with other agent’s open houses. You can really start building a database of buyers this way!)

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